Rosey and Netflix: Élite

by Rose

My sister and I used to joke that streaming services will never get a dime from us. We are, after all, skilled in the art of searching and downloading torrents. I guess that proclamation was bound to backfire at some point. I caved in and signed up for a membership when Netflix added one of my favorite chick flicks to its catalog recently. I am now officially sucked into the Netflix black hole with no plans of ever coming out. I guess it’s time to invest on a SmartTV this year?😂

I wouldn’t mind watching Élite in full HD. This Spanish web series is a campy, addictive take on teen dramas with a dash of murder mystery on the sidelines. The first season was so good I finished all 8 episodes over a weekend. That’s a feat considering I’m not one who normally binge-watches.

Guzman and Nadia: It all started with a bet.

It’s hard to pinpoint what kept me glued each episode. Was it the show’s gorgeous and racially diverse cast? Or was it their brave, jaw-dropping approach on sensitive issues (HIV, LGBT, drugs… among others) involving the youth these days? Either way, you know I have it bad for a series when I invest hours going through the cast’s social media accounts.

I’m very excited to see where the plot takes the remaining characters after the murder-mystery of Season 1. Élite, after all, is not for the faint of heart.


diane April 20, 2019 - 9:43 PM

I always trust your recommendations. As in, walang sablay. Kaso lately, parang ang dami ko na gusto panoodin. Hindi ko na alam uunahin hahahaha First time ko maka-encounter ng Spanish series. Not that I don’t find them appealing, maybe they are not in my top list when ranked which countries produce the best. As always, US will be on the first, UK and (biased ast it may sound) South Korea :p PS Please pray for more blessings this year, both for you and me. For you to fulfill that Smart TV and trip to SK. For me naman, more money, better career, more freelance so I can visit you in Cebu Hahahaha Yes, you will be one of my itineraries in Cebu.

Rose April 24, 2019 - 1:50 PM

Netflix is a goldmine of unknown shows.😀 There’s one that I have yet to start and it’s German naman. They’ve officially ruined US shows for me. Now I find 22 episodes too long na. Haha! And here’s to more blessings for us this year.


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