Here’s to starting 2019 on a positive note.

by Rose

I had so much plans for the holidays and they all came crashing down when I got sick three days before New Year’s Eve. Yup, I fell victim to the flu that went viral. I was adamant not to be hospitalized and ruin the mood for everyone so it was off to the ER for me instead. Thankfully, the meds prescribed did the job of lowering my fever although the cough persisted for days so I had to visit my pulmonologist for some antibiotics. I have since recovered from that hellish week, eating the weight I’ve lost with all the food I’ve missed during the holidays. Haha!

So how’s your 2019 so far? I’m crossing my fingers I get to travel again this year even if it’s just domestic. Deep inside, I’m really hoping for some windfall so I can see Chelsea FC in Japan this July. Hah! Look at me caring about clubs these days when years before I was only familiar with international football.

Reading, on the other hand, is something I hope to improve on this year. I’d like to think I’m off to a good start in this aspect thanks to my Kindle. This gadget is a godsend! I love how convenient it is to switch between books I’m currently reading. I even created an Amazon wish list because I will now be asking for e-books on my birthday and Christmas moving forward.😂 LOLs! How lovely is my Kindle sleeve though? I got mine from bookshields.

And here’s to more blog posts! I’m committing myself to posting more content – whether it’s a Flick Pick, Book-ish or Random post to get things rolling.

2019, after all, will be all about rediscovering my interests and making something productive out of them.

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Richel V. January 26, 2019 - 1:00 AM

Aw. Sorry you had to get sick right before the year ends! Glad to hear you’re all better now. 🙂 January has been going by so fast for me this year. And I’m getting busy with my blog again. Can’t wait to create new content and to read yours. 🙂

Rose January 30, 2019 - 3:45 PM

Thanks! It sucks to be sick so I’m happy to be free of the flu virus. Sayang lang talaga I missed out on the New Year festivities.

Good luck with rebuilding your blog! Will be on the lookout for new content as well. 🙂
Diane February 9, 2019 - 9:47 PM

Hi Rose! Yung kindle, ang tagal ko na din gusto bilhin. Kaya lang, I’m taken aback, baka sa una ko lang gusto. Or what usually happens, when I have the money, may iba akong mabibili eventually. :pYung cheese plate pala, I use those wooden chopping board sold at SM or even sa local palengke. Maganda sana yung monogrammed, but mahaaaal. May ibang versions, yun marble type… but no, mas mahal. hahaha But the one I often use, yung rectangle, actually takip siya ng isang imported wine. I saw it being thrown away after an event at the workplace. 🙂

Rose February 12, 2019 - 4:00 PM

The Kindle is a good investment if you’re a voracious reader. In my case, I read #romanceclass books kasi (books by Filipino romance writers) and it’s pretty handy to have them all together in one reading device that isn’t my phone.

Thanks for the tips on the cheese plate. Gusto kong ma-try siya one of these days talaga. Had been planning to do it for New Year and then I got sick. Haha.😂

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