Malagos on my mind.

by Rose

Our second and only full day in Davao was planned around a trip to Malagos Garden Resort. Typically an hour-long drive from the city, this 12-hectare property is the perfect getaway for someone who wishes to experience nature for a few hours with friends and family. We arrived just in time for lunch, famished and ready to devour the buffet spread.

I kid!😂 Of course we had to take pictures first.

Lunch was served at the spacious Roberto’s Garden Restaurant where I, if not for the fact that we still had to explore and take photos in every nook and cranny of the resort, would’ve gladly stayed the whole meal period just pigging out on that sumptuous feast.

The highlight of our stay was probably the Animal Encounter Show, a 15-min presentation featuring the animals from the resort. Kids and adults alike had a field day interacting with the birds, ducks and rabbits who graced the event. I should know…

A little side-story…

Spotted a cutie hottie foreigner among the guests. He was, unfortunately, with someone (either a sister or a wife/girlfriend) which made paparazzi moves even more difficult. Funny because I saw him again the next day at the airport where he was rushing to board the flight for Manila.

Anyhow, no Malagos visit is complete without dropping by the Malagos Chocolate Museum. It houses their own laboratory where, for a fee, guests are given the chance to create their perfect chocolate. There’s also a cafe where you can chill after walking around the property. I love how the smell of chocolate wafts through every corner of the museum as if to welcome anyone who’s curious about its origins.

Truly, it was a welcome change to be spending time outdoors while at a different city. If only LGUs can advocate for developing more parks instead of malls, it spells better alternatives for the public on where to spend time with their loved ones during weekends.

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diane September 19, 2018 - 4:34 PM

Alam mo, I always hear malagos = chocolate. So when I saw your post’s title, naisip ko tungkol ito sa chocolate. Turns out, Malagos is a destination. One aspect lang ang chocolate. Love your candid solo pic 🙂 and wala ba talagang umubra na ninja moves, at ninja pic kay koyah na foreigner AHAHAHAHAHA


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