You know that one time we were in Davao for the weekend?

by Rose

We barely scratched the surface! Three days wasn’t enough to explore everything, with the city’s massive land area limiting us to the establishments nearest our accommodation lest we break the bank with transportation costs (somebody sponsor our transpo for next trip, please!😉). This was basically a spur of the moment thingy brought about by an unexpected seat sale from PAL. Had we not dilly-dallied in booking our seats, we would’ve ended up with a much cheaper round-trip fare (less than 2k!).

The trip was scheduled a day after my birthday, a much needed respite from everything that happened during the days leading up to it.

Airport muni-munis make you realize that…

  • Early morning flights are the best! Boarding time is always right on schedule.
  • I am such a newbie in terms of navigating airports. Thank goodness I had one of my best friends with me on this trip.
  • As if I needed any more proof there is insane downpour whenever I leave for somewhere, of course this had to happen…

Thankfully, a pleasant weather awaited us in Davao where we spent our first day malling in the afternoon and exploring Roxas Night Market in the evening. G’s craving for some late-night barbecue brought us to the city’s famous food market where you’d never run out of stuff to sample if you’re a foodie.

Check out Wasabi Warriors in Abreeza!

Charcoal ice cream, anyone?

Ours happened to be ice cream. Apparently, the charcoal variety is a thing here. I, of course, made a beeline for the durian flavor instead. We would’ve loved to explore more but our tita bodies could only take so much after endless hours of being out and about.😂

Besides, we had Malagos to look forward to the next day.

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rona September 10, 2018 - 2:48 PM

Nasa baba lang ng province namin ang Davao (aroung 6 hours away), pero once lang ako nakapunta, high school fieltrip pa (15 years ago), hahaha.. Hirap na tuloy bumalik kasi sa Manila na ako naka-base.Ilan sa pinuntahan namin nun is yung Crocodile Park (na ang ganda na ngayon), Gap Farming (uso sa mga turista noong unang panahon), Philippine Eagle Center at SM City (first SM mall na napasukan ).Mukhang pwede na din palang mag food trip dyan no, kailan kaya uli ako makakabalik, haha..Belated happy birthday pala! :)😁

diane September 19, 2018 - 4:31 PM

There’s always something about travel, whether local or abroad. I also love early morning flights. Though most of the time, I get the red eye flight kasi naman… tipid tipid hahah Only to realize, the hassles are not worth it din. I love the itinerary of your trip here. Yung chill lang, walang pressures. As you said, pang tita-han levels hahahah Next year, I hope you will have more. And sana, you can visit Manila. I will be very happy to meet you. Or baka kapag ako nakarating ng Cebu, I hope to meet you 🙂


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