K-Drama Love: Hwarang

by Rose

When we decided to switch to sageuks after watching contemporary K-dramas since last year, one of those I had been favorably considering was Hwarang. A fictional adaptation set during the reign of King Jinheung, it tells the story of how an elite group of young men rose among the existing factions of Silla to become the royal family’s fiercest ally. Throw in a love story or two and you’ve got yourself the perfect formula for a compelling K-drama. So why did the ratings reflect otherwise?

For a series that highlighted six young men in its promotional materials, the plot was heavily focused on three people only. Had they fleshed out each guy’s backstory it would have shown how effective the cast were as an ensemble. You also had unresolved plot lines (fainting spells and paternity, to name a few) which the writer failed to address as the series concluded. Simply put, there were a lot of wasted opportunities to polish what was otherwise an entertaining pre-produced K-drama.

Would I still recommend it to friends? Of course! Why deprive people of the eye-candy that is the Hwarang guys?😍 If you’re into K-Pop, the series also has an awesome soundtrack to boot. I had separation anxiety for a few days when we finished the episodes but my emotions were in a good place. The series, in fact, made me appreciate how lucky we are to meet lasting friendships even in the most unusual of circumstances.

These guys didn’t exactly start out the best of friends but gradually learned to tolerate their differences and develop a mutual respect for each other.

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diane May 22, 2017 - 2:49 PM

Locally aired na ba siya? I can’t remember whether I encountered Hwarang sa ABS or GMA. If my memory serves me right, napanood ko siya a few episodes.. nagandahan ako but totally forgot about everything. Currently, sineseryoso ko na ang panonood ng Goblin :p For real na, kasi for the longest time lagi ko nakakatulugan lang hahahaha

Meanwhile, on iPhone and Powermac.. thank you for sharing your sentiments. Years ago… time of iPod touch… me and my cousin returned an iPod touch na nasira ang LCD. Hindi naman like cracks or anything pero nagka spots sa LCD. It was approved for replacement. Sobrang bilis ng process before. Saka dati, no costs at all if software ang problem. Pero ngayon, I think you have to pay Php 700 to 1,000 for software related problems…. even kahit nasa warranty un product. Saya d ba?

You blogged before, your phone suddenly worked. At least nakisama siya :p with the experience, parang first and last ko na ata ‘to mag iPhone 🙁

Rose May 26, 2017 - 7:49 PM

Hindi pa siya shown locally. Scarlet Heart yung nasa GMA ngayon. Hehe! Nakakainis ang pagiging mainstream ng Goblin especially after a local celebrity professed her love for it online. 😀

re: iPhone – what’s your unit? An iPhone 6? Had quite a scare with my phone again during the weekend we were in Dumaguete. As in ayaw na niyang mag-charge kahit anong charger gamitin ko. I took it to a repair center my officemate recommended pagbalik namin ng Cebu and thankfully na-save pa siya. They recommended I use a third party cable nalang since sira na daw yung original ko.


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