The #Goblin aftermath: Things You Should Know When Watching a Kim Eun Sook drama.

by Rose

I was a mess last Monday. I have been one since Saturday night when Goblin aired its two-hour finale.😭 I cannot believe the drama I have religiously followed for almost two months has finally ended. Kim Eun-sook defied fan expectations and opted for a bittersweet conclusion to Kim Shin’s journey of finding love and purpose in his almost a thousand year existence. I thought I’d hate it. But after watching the last three episodes in its entirety, I saw the silver lining with how she chose to end their love story.

Goblin is the fourth Kim Eun-sook drama we’ve seen since last year and by now we’ve become familiar with the usual tropes she likes to use sparingly in her stories. Among the noticeable ones are as follows:

My sister and my best friend?!?😱

Imagine the ruckus when lead guy finds out his best friend and his sister are actually in a relationship or were involved at some point. There’s the “how could you betray our friendship?” or “I trusted you” speech but in the end, he relents and offers his blessing because he cannot bear to lose two of the most important people in his life.

Let’s go abroad!

An overseas location, while an added budget, provides breathtaking backdrop for a drama that aims to attract loyal viewers. The farther it’s set, the better. Expect tourism interest for that place to increase as viewers will want to visit locations used in the show.

Sign here, please.

Why not draft a contract to define the terms of your relationship just as you’re developing feelings for each other? This will later come to play when said love is tested, when you feel like giving up but decide to hold on because you believe in what that contract stands for.

If it’s any consolation, her dramas always end on a happy note no matter how unconventional it maybe. Goblin’s ending was far from being perfect (the finale was a mess, editing-wise) but it sure had viewers talking even days after it ended. My Shintak heart is slowly healing and someday, I hope to see Gong Yoo and Go Eun reunite in a project. I’ve never been invested in a K-Drama OTP since Yeom and Min-hwa from TMETS but these two make the roller-coaster of emotions worth it.

Ah sad love, if experiencing you is worth meeting someone like Kim Shin… why not?

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Anne January 29, 2017 - 9:29 PM

Hi Visiting from GT. I’ve heard so many raves about this Goblin K-drama. Hope I can get to watch it too. But where?

Rose January 29, 2017 - 9:57 PM

Hi Anne! Thanks for visiting. You can try or for the episodes. 🙂 Enjoy!


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