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Kinain ng Sistema: My K-Drama Starter List

Do you still remember your first K-drama? I don’t. It was probably a toss between Four Sisters and Fantasy Couple. Video streams were a rarity back then so I had to order DVD copies of fan-subbed dramas to be able to watch my favorites. The thing with K-dramas is that they’re easy to binge-watch. Just 16-20 episodes and you’re done with the story.

With the second wind of K-dramas on Philippine shores, thanks to the unexpected popularity of Descendants of the Sun last year, more and more people have been sucked into this black hole of a habit.ย Can you really blame anyone who fan-girls those gorgeous oppas?ย Besides, it’s always nice to ramble about these things with someone who gets your feels.๐Ÿ˜Š How awesome is it though when someone loves a drama you recommended?

If you’re a newbie or simply at a loss on what K-drama to start with after a long hiatus, here are some of my recent tried and tested favorites:

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Milestones: January 2017

I rarely draft resolutions at the start of the year because more often than not, I will forget about them by the fifth or 6th month. But I am quite pleased with how January went for me that I vow to follow through with some of the best practices I’ve started. I’m also including significant events that happened to cap off what has been a great start for my 2017.

Dear Diary

Chan’s belated Christmas present was a Starbucks planner and because I already had one, I decided to use it as a journal instead. It’s been a while since I last kept an offline outlet for my thoughts so this was a good habit to revisit. I’m actually finding it quite therapeutic. In fact, I used it to scribble my thoughts after watching the Goblin finale several weeks ago.

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TV Love

The #Goblin aftermath: Things You Should Know When Watching a Kim Eun Sook drama.

I was a mess last Monday. I have been one since Saturday night when Goblin aired its two-hour finale.๐Ÿ˜ญ I cannot believe the drama I have religiously followed for almost two months has finally ended. Kim Eun Sook defied fan expectations and opted for a bittersweet conclusion to Kim Shin’s journey of finding love and purpose in his almost a thousand year existence. I thought I’d hate it. But after watching the last three episodes in its entirety, I saw the silver lining with how she chose to end their love story.

Goblin is the fourth Kim Eun Sook drama we’ve seen since last year and by now we’ve become familiar with the usual tropes she likes to use sparingly in her stories. Among the noticeable ones are as follows:

My sister and my best friend?!?๐Ÿ˜ฑ

Imagine the ruckus when lead guy finds out his best friend and his sister are actually in a relationship or were involved at some point. There’s the “how could you betray our friendship?” or “I trusted you” speech but in the end, he relents and offers his blessing because he cannot bear to lose two of the most important people in his life.

Let’s go abroad!

An overseas location, while an added budget, provides breathtaking backdrop for a drama that aims to attract loyal viewers. The farther it’s set, the better. Expect tourism interest for that place to increase as viewers will want to visit locations used in the show.

Sign here, please.

Why not draft a contract to define the terms of your relationship just as you’re developing feelings for each other? This will later come to play when said love is tested, when you feel like giving up but decide to hold on because you believe in what that contract stands for.

If it’s any consolation, her dramas always end on a happy note no matter how unconventional it maybe. Goblin’s ending was far from being perfect (the finale was a mess, editing-wise) but it sure had viewers talking even days after it ended. My Shintak heart is slowly healing and someday, I hope to see Gong Yoo and Go Eun reunite in a project. I’ve never been invested in a K-Drama OTP since Yeom and Min-hwa from TMETS but these two make the roller-coaster of emotions worth it.

Ah sad love, if experiencing you is worth meeting someone like Kim Shin… why not?


Breezing through January

How cute is this Dymo label on my USB?๐Ÿ˜€ I’ve always wanted to own a LabelWriter since forever but since it’s not a necessity, the thought keeps getting pushed back for more important stuff. I’d probably ask this as a birthday gift, noh?

I think this month is off to a good start for me. We’re on track with our savings for the 52-week challenge (my sister is keeping tabs!๐Ÿ™Œ) and I just learned how to make GIFs via Photoshop again. Haha! So now I’m creating GIFs like crazy for my favorite scenes from Goblin. Who knew this could be so much fun?๐Ÿ˜‚ #newlearnedskill

Anyways, the busiest days of January for Cebu are finally behind me as Sinulog 2017 concluded over the weekend. We didn’t go out and preferred to be #TeamBahay instead. Surprisingly, stricter measures implemented by the local government failed to put a damper on the Cebuanos’ penchant for celebrating the city’s biggest yearly festival. Sure there were some mishaps (Paintensity) but it was, however, more orderly compared to the previous years if we are to believe first-hand accounts of people who took to the streets. #Nosignalweekend was less of a concern since we still had wi-fi at home. Now can traffic go back to normal as well?

Speaking of traffic, my new shift has done wonders for my transportation expenses lately. Since I live near the office, whenever traffic becomes impossible (no cabs, snaking queues at jeepney terminal), I always choose to walk home. This has allowed me to save almost 50% of what I usually set aside as my transpo budget. And just yesterday, because of the non-stop rain in the morning, I had to walk from home to the office to avoid being late. I get to squeeze in some fitness goals on top of this whole saving-up thingy. Haha!

Random TV Love

Starting 2017 in K-Drama Land

We started the year by hauling ourselves off to SM Seaside thinking the crowd would be manageable. I should’ve known better. When bored at home, people these days flock to malls out of habit. Queuing for a cab was a hellish experience (thank goodness for Grab!) not to mention my sister wasn’t feeling well that day due to indigestion. Good thing we managed to squeeze in a few minutes of playtime for Zack who was raring to try Sky Play.

If there’s one thing I’ll miss about the past few days aside from the abundance of food, it would have to be the time we spent watching K-dramas. Oh yes, no Hallmark movies this time. Most of the US shows we follow are slowly returning from winter break while here we are refusing to leave K-drama land. Haha!

I guess we have Descendants of the Sun to thank for that. When we introduced it to Isa around the last quarter of 2016, no one expected it would suck her back into watching Korean dramas. She enjoyed it so much that we began reviewing every Kim Eun Sook-penned dramas after starting with A Gentleman’s Dignity (hilarious, I tell you). Currently, aside from Goblin which I’m completely besotted with, we’re halfway into City Hall. The latter’s an interesting take into small-town politics which I’m sure many of us can relate to.

By now we have become experts in what we call Kim Eun Sook tropes which tend to recur in each of her dramas. I may actually blog about it one of these days if I can gather enough material for a list-icle. In the meantime, we’re off to continue our K-drama backlog. (Huhu, sorry #OneChicago!)

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