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Dumaguete: How the City of Gentle People won me over.

Our trip to Dumaguete last May started as a spur of the moment decision out of the need to renew my passport before it expires this September. We had no itinerary set except for my DFA appointment and our side trip to Tanjay (45mins to 1hr from the city!) to visit my sister’s godmother so we were literally winging it as soon as we left Cebu around 5AM on a Friday. For people who don’t travel much, we were just happy to arrive at our destination in one piece by 10AM.

The city’s laid-back charm is very comforting. Not once did we experience being taken advantage of and it was easy to go from one place to another even with public transport. My only regret was not being able to food crawl as much as we wanted to. (Chorizo bungkag! *sighs*) Squeezing in everything for a day and a half is a talent that I have yet to master.

Two of those we managed to tick off my list were 2 Story Kitchen and Silliman University. The former is a Korean coffee shop-inspired restaurant with a fusion take on its most popular dishes like kimbap and tteokboki to name a few. With its photogenic nooks and cozy booths, it’s easy to see why this place has become a social media favorite.

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