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Slight social media detox.

It’s been more than week since I (temporarily) deactivated my Facebook account and there’s that tempting thought of making it permanent. I hate how toxic that platform has become these days. People I’ve known for years have become strangers over political matters. Have we come to a point where we are intolerant of dissent? It’s disheartening, really.

And while I refuse to wallow in any blip of negativity, we nearly had a scare when something came up during my dad’s medical check-up. His doctor was quick to assure us though that it’s something that can be resolved by medication. You know how parents are when they get older, right? It’s the new normal for them to be as stubborn as a bull. Pray that this knocks some sense into my dad because it takes a village to actually keep him in tiptop shape these days.

Personal drama aside, March is turning out to be quite a steady month. I’m still very much into K-dramas with some occasional slips into variety shows if it features Shinhwa. That said, I cannot stress enough the love we had for the 3MAD (3 Meals A Day) season featuring Eric Mun. Word of advise, never watch that show on an empty stomach otherwise you’d find yourselves craving for Korean food. Guess what happened to us?πŸ˜‚

In fairness, all nine rolls were consumed in 24hrs! It made the effort we put into scouting for ingredients all worth it. The next time we’re buying at a Korean grocery store, I am definitely documenting it.

Next target: Doenjang-jjigae! *crosses fingers*

Random TV Love

Milestones: February 2017

And just like that, we’re now into the third month of the year. February flew by so fast I barely had time suck it all in. That breezy weather sure didn’t last long, huh? I miss it. Now it’s the impending summer heat that’s making its presence felt.

As bipolar as the weather is nowadays, the last month was equally a rollercoaster of emotions.


Blame it on being caught off-guard. The revelation towards the end of #Date had me near tears because it hit too close to home. You see, Jollibee unknowingly factored in during the first few hours after we lost a loved one nearly five years ago.😒 That’s how much the brand is deeply rooted in Filipino culture.


If you thought Shin Mi Rae from City Hall was polarizing as a main character, wait until you meet Oh Hae Young. For someone who’s outspoken, feisty and somewhat crass, she somehow managed to snag someone like Park Do Kyung who’s every inch her opposite. If not for Eric Mun, I would’ve dropped this drama halfway. It’s a good thing the supporting characters had entertaining sub-plots that I wanted to see resolved so I soldiered on.

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How I came to appreciate Shinhwa, 19 years too late.

I was stressed the whole day yesterday because of a client issue that I decided to tinker with my blog’s look while thinking of what to reply to their email. Viola! Maybe this new look color scheme will get me out of my writing slump as well.

Thank goodness for Shinhwa’s latest album! These guys are like my happy pill. Who would’ve thought that discovering them, although 19 years too late, would help me get over the separation anxiety from Goblin?

I blame Eric Mun for this.πŸ˜‚ While Junjin has always been my favorite since 2005 because of Forbidden Love, Eric’s slowly coming in a close second because of Another Oh Hae Young and 3 Meals A Day. The curiosity snowballed and I began reading up on the other members of the group. How are they all so lovable and unmarried in their late 30s?!?Β πŸ˜πŸ’•

Oh, and they give really fun interviews. Their Happy Together and Weekly Idol guesting this year are pure gold! I guess that comes with knowing each other for almost twenty years.

Why oh why have I ignored them for the past 19 years?


Book-ish: Keeping The Distance by Clarisse David

You know you’ve been watching too many Korean dramas these days when you start visualizing the scenarios from the book you’ve been reading in a K-drama setting. Clarisse David’s Keeping The Distance had that certain effect on me and boy was it a joy to read! Set in charming Iloilo, it’s an adorable take on what it’s like to fall in love when all you had to worry about were grades and people’s expectations about your potential.

Lance Ordonez is your typical BMOC. He’s rich, handsome and extremely popular with everyone. So why is he unable to charm the socks off the principal’s daughter? Everyone’s baffled except Melissa Ortiz. She knows that keeping the distance from Lance is one way of staying in her father’s good graces. But their swoon-worthy banters are gold and pretty soon everyone’s feeling the chemistry between them.

I kept tweeting my reactions while reading the story because that’s how affected I was of the growing closeness between the leads. Clarisse vividly captures each scenario with her descriptions and witty dialogues. This is a fun, light read young adult story that comes highly recommended if you’re looking for works by local authors.


  • A romance set in Iloilo! We need more of this stuff.
  • An ending that’s open to a lot of possibilities for this young couple.
  • Am I the only one feeling the vibe between the best friend and the childhood crush? (I could be wrong though!)


  • Melissa must be really well-loved. No one gave her grief over that party walk-out and public confession over the PA system.



Milestones: January 2017

I rarely draft resolutions at the start of the year because more often than not, I will forget about them by the fifth or 6th month. But I am quite pleased with how January went for me that I vow to follow through with some of the best practices I’ve started. I’m also including significant events that happened to cap off what has been a great start for my 2017.

Dear Diary

Chan’s belated Christmas present was a Starbucks planner and because I already had one, I decided to use it as a journal instead. It’s been a while since I last kept an offline outlet for my thoughts so this was a good habit to revisit. I’m actually finding it quite therapeutic. In fact, I used it to scribble my thoughts after watching the Goblin finale several weeks ago.

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