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K-Drama Love: Reunited Worlds

One of the recently concluded dramas I followed this year revolves around the premise of forgiveness and living your life to fullest. A far-cry from the technical jargon of Circle, Reunited Worlds deal with normal people whose lives changed because of an accidental death twelve years ago. What’s even more baffling is said dead person returns one sunny day looking very much like his nineteen year old self.

Yeo Jin-goo plays the aformentioned character, a student named Sung Hae-sung, whose death left behind four younger siblings now estranged and living their own lives. His high school friends have become professionals and it is through their help that Hae-sung navigates this temporary lease on life to correct mistakes from the past.

I initially expected tear-jerking episodes from start to finish but the writer was able to navigate equal parts of drama, comedy, romance and a bit of murder-mystery to keep the plot interesting. Can someone cast Yeo Jin-goo in a rom-com next time? Poor guy must’ve exhausted his tear ducts with his last two series.😂


  • I am a big fan of dramas with a strong friendship core and Reunited Worlds gave me that with Hae-sung, Jung-won, Ho-bang, Jin-joo, Tae-hoon and Moon-shik.
  • Who knew a love line would develop between Ho-bang and Jin-joo? They were always a hoot together.
  • Seeing the siblings slowly patch things up was cathartic. I thought Young-jun would never come around but thankfully he stepped up at the right moment.
  • I cannot stress enough how music is oftentimes the saving grace of a series so I’m happy the show’s OST delivered songs worthy of a constant loop on my playlist.
  • YEO. JIN. GOO. ‘Nuff said.


  • No one really made a big fuss about Hae-sung’s return save for Ho-bang, Hae-chul and Jung-won. If a loved who died suddenly came back, I would be asking all sorts of questions. Hah!
  • Moon-shik was terribly underused. He maybe tactless but he was a great sounding board for his friends.
  • For all that he’s done, I thought Chairman Cha got off way too easy. Asking for Hae-sung’s forgiveness won’t solve the years he lost because of the accident.
  • And really, no interactions between Min-joon and Tae-hoon after the revelation that they are brothers? I would’ve appreciated an extra scene or two showing them bonding rather than have Hae-sung and Min-joon talk about it. Pfft!

Moon-shik is sooo me though. Haha!

Kinain ng Sistema TV Love

Kinain ng Sistema: My K-Drama Starter List

Do you still remember your first K-drama? I don’t. It was probably a toss between Four Sisters and Fantasy Couple. Video streams were a rarity back then so I had to order DVD copies of fan-subbed dramas to be able to watch my favorites. The thing with K-dramas is that they’re easy to binge-watch. Just 16-20 episodes and you’re done with the story.

With the second wind of K-dramas on Philippine shores, thanks to the unexpected popularity of Descendants of the Sun last year, more and more people have been sucked into this black hole of a habit. Can you really blame anyone who fan-girls those gorgeous oppas? Besides, it’s always nice to ramble about these things with someone who gets your feels.😊 How awesome is it though when someone loves a drama you recommended?

If you’re a newbie or simply at a loss on what K-drama to start with after a long hiatus, here are some of my recent tried and tested favorites:

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K-Drama Love: Circle

The dramas that premiered in May nearly had us up to our eyeballs in determining which ones to prioritize.😂 While Suspicious Partner and The Best Hit are giving me my necessary rom-com fix, Circle has emerged as a surprising favorite with its sci-fi/procedural thriller approach. The story offers a glimpse of a future where human emotions are controlled and memories are manipulated for a Utopian society. It’s an ethical dilemma that affects our core characters as they discover how 2037’s Human B system had its humble beginnings as a beta project back in 2017. In fact, its germinating phase may have started as early as 2007 when an “alien” appeared in the lives of Woo Jin and Beom Gyun.

So what makes it a drama worth checking out?🤔

It’s the perfect hybrid of all K-drama genres we’re familiar with. Not only does Circle deal with the staple family issues, it also throws in a little bit of romance and sci-fi with a procedural twist on the side.

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K-Drama Love: Hwarang

When we decided to switch to sageuks after watching contemporary K-dramas since last year, one of those I had been favorably considering was Hwarang. A fictional adaptation set during the reign of King Jinheung, it tells the story of how an elite group of young men rose among the existing factions of Silla to become the royal family’s fiercest ally. Throw in a love story or two and you’ve got yourself the perfect formula for a compelling K-drama. So why did the ratings reflect otherwise?

For a series that highlighted six young men in its promotional materials, the plot was heavily focused on three people only. Had they fleshed out each guy’s backstory it would have shown how effective the cast were as an ensemble. You also had unresolved plot lines (fainting spells and paternity, to name a few) which the writer failed to address as the series concluded. Simply put, there were a lot of wasted opportunities to polish what was otherwise an entertaining pre-produced K-drama.

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Remembering the magic of Meteor Garden.

News of the Meteor Garden remake and the show’s 16th anniversary had me thinking how little I know of Taiwanese entertainment these days. Heck, I might not even recognize whoever they’d cast for the 2018 version! The original had nothing but good memories for me. It kick-started my interest in Asian dramas and while there have been bumps along the way, I’ve been introduced to a lot of great stories ever since (mostly K-dramas, however). Torrents and streaming sites have made it easier for viewers to get their drama fix these days but who else remembers fan-subbed copies and DVD9s?

For someone who was barely out of college, the F4-era allowed me to indulge in my fangirl tendencies. While I never splurged on that insanely prized concert ticket, I do admit:

  • Spending a thousand bucks for VCD copies of Season 1 episodes, courtesy of a suki online who burned copies of fan-subbed Asian dramas.
  • Calling the local network to complain of the show’s schedule. We were one day behind in terms of episodes, no thanks to regional programming, so I raised my concern with the network (blindly calling a number on the directory — not even knowing which department it was) and even emailed a showbiz columnist about it. Perhaps a lot of viewers felt the same way because several weeks later, they changed it to a 5:30PM time slot.😂
  • Setting aside a portion of my allowance to buy F4’s Fantasy Forever album. Five hundred bucks was a big deal then so it was quite a sacrifice to part with it all because of a CD.
  • Pulling an all nighter to finish Season 2 episodes. It was a struggle to finish 31 episodes but we persevered and finished half overnight. Still, nothing beats the magic of Season 1.

All for the love of a show that started the Asian drama craze in the country. If there’s a show who can strongly anchor the return of Taiwanese dramas on Philippine TV, perhaps this reboot might be it. Here’s hoping they do right by the original material.👍 No tweaking for the sake of fan service, please!

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