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Unexpected hiatus and a photo dump.

So I inadvertently crashed my blog for two weeks when I added a theme I thought was free. While I’m not the type who blogs regularly, it felt disconcerting to see an error message pop up when I entered my URL. I’m just thankful this all got sorted out once the holidays were over because part of me was already contemplating a switch to Blogspot.

Anyways, the hiatus allowed me to enjoy a surprise staycation at the Big Hotel with my sister. While the room wasn’t perfect (AC problems, faulty door lock), it was the best way to re-charge and prep ourselves up for a busy week ahead. November kickstarts our family’s busiest months all the way to February of the next year so we were beyond grateful for the opportunity offered by my friend Isa.

That said, I can’t believe we’re on the last two months of the year! While I’m not too thrilled about the holiday rush, I’m looking forward to my December project. First order of business once I have it will be to get a decent profile photo. For now, let me leave a photo dump from my phone’s camera roll.

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August seems to be a month for reunions.

Going through my blog and it’s been one entry per month for me since June. Not good. I actually envy those who churn out a write-up so easily. I, on the other hand, take days to even draft a single post!๐Ÿ˜‰

On a personal note, so happy to have reconnected with grade school friends for the past two weeks. I haven’t seen both Romielyn and January since high school graduation so when they were in town barely two weeks apart, the Cebu crew met up with them respectively for dinner.

I am thrilled majority of them share my love for K-dramas. Aside from reminiscing about our antics during elementary and high school, we had a good laugh discussing the latest series on our list and the oppas we’ve fawned over.๐Ÿ˜

Never mind if coming home at half-past midnight on a weekday caused me to sleep through my alarm or that a glass of mojito on a weekend makes me drowsy. The trip down memory lane and advanced birthday celebrations (for Berna and I) were worth it.


Phone-less… almost.

First off, I just had to post this cake we got for my Mom on Mother’s Day. Red Velvet is โค! It will always be one of my favorites next to any variant of cheesecake and moist chocolate cake.

While Mercury retrograde ended last May 3, mine is simply off to a late start. This explains my writer’s block, the sort-of chaos in terms of projects endorsed at work (incomplete assets!) and how my phone barely survived water exposure at our company outing. The latter gave me quite a scare because it was a lapse of judgment on my part for bringing a gadget while we were running around the resort during our team-building activity. But my phone is a survivor. After being rejected for warranty by Power Mac, volume and charging port miraculously worked again when I got to the office. Relief was an understatement because it saved me from being phone-less. I couldn’t very well afford the unit replacement cost that the service center suggested, noh!

That said, I’m glad I can cross those off the list of things I’m worrying about these days. All that’s left is winging the Dumaguete trip next weekend for my passport renewal.

Foodie Random

Slight social media detox.

It’s been more than week since I (temporarily) deactivated my Facebook account and there’s that tempting thought of making it permanent. I hate how toxic that platform has become these days. People I’ve known for years have become strangers over political matters. Have we come to a point where we are intolerant of dissent? It’s disheartening, really.

And while I refuse to wallow in any blip of negativity, we nearly had a scare when something came up during my dad’s medical check-up. His doctor was quick to assure us though that it’s something that can be resolved by medication. You know how parents are when they get older, right? It’s the new normal for them to be as stubborn as a bull. Pray that this knocks some sense into my dad because it takes a village to actually keep him in tiptop shape these days.

Personal drama aside, March is turning out to be quite a steady month. I’m still very much into K-dramas with some occasional slips into variety shows if it features Shinhwa. That said, I cannot stress enough the love we had for the 3MAD (3 Meals A Day) season featuring Eric Mun. Word of advise, never watch that show on an empty stomach otherwise you’d find yourselves craving for Korean food. Guess what happened to us?๐Ÿ˜‚

In fairness, all nine rolls were consumed in 24hrs! It made the effort we put into scouting for ingredients all worth it. The next time we’re buying at a Korean grocery store, I am definitely documenting it.

Next target: Doenjang-jjigae! *crosses fingers*

Random TV Love

Milestones: February 2017

And just like that, we’re now into the third month of the year. February flew by so fast I barely had time suck it all in. That breezy weather sure didn’t last long, huh? I miss it. Now it’s the impending summer heat that’s making its presence felt.

As bipolar as the weather is nowadays, the last month was equally a rollercoaster of emotions.


Blame it on being caught off-guard. The revelation towards the end of #Date had me near tears because it hit too close to home. You see, Jollibee unknowingly factored in during the first few hours after we lost a loved one nearly five years ago.๐Ÿ˜ข That’s how much the brand is deeply rooted in Filipino culture.


If you thought Shin Mi Rae from City Hall was polarizing as a main character, wait until you meet Oh Hae Young. For someone who’s outspoken, feisty and somewhat crass, she somehow managed to snag someone like Park Do Kyung who’s every inch her opposite. If not for Eric Mun, I would’ve dropped this drama halfway. It’s a good thing the supporting characters had entertaining sub-plots that I wanted to see resolved so I soldiered on.

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