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Slight social media detox.

It’s been more than week since I (temporarily) deactivated my Facebook account and there’s that tempting thought of making it permanent. I hate how toxic that platform has become these days. People I’ve known for years have become strangers over political matters. Have we come to a point where we are intolerant of dissent? It’s disheartening, really.

And while I refuse to wallow in any blip of negativity, we nearly had a scare when something came up during my dad’s medical check-up. His doctor was quick to assure us though that it’s something that can be resolved by medication. You know how parents are when they get older, right? It’s the new normal for them to be as stubborn as a bull. Pray that this knocks some sense into my dad because it takes a village to actually keep him in tiptop shape these days.

Personal drama aside, March is turning out to be quite a steady month. I’m still very much into K-dramas with some occasional slips into variety shows if it features Shinhwa. That said, I cannot stress enough the love we had for the 3MAD (3 Meals A Day) season featuring Eric Mun. Word of advise, never watch that show on an empty stomach otherwise you’d find yourselves craving for Korean food. Guess what happened to us?πŸ˜‚

In fairness, all nine rolls were consumed in 24hrs! It made the effort we put into scouting for ingredients all worth it. The next time we’re buying at a Korean grocery store, I am definitely documenting it.

Next target: Doenjang-jjigae! *crosses fingers*


Christmas Day Lunch at The Suite Room

I bid 2016 with fondness. While the year has been particularly challenging for the family, I am also thankful for the good things that made me see the silver lining out of everything. That said, this year’s Noche Buena was relatively uneventful because we chose to sleep through midnight after watching some Korean dramas. Good thing we had a late lunch scheduled with Xtian the next day otherwise we’d simply spend the entire Sunday doing nothing.

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