What a month, last month!

by Rose

How is it September already? My birth month flew by and I barely noticed as work kept me swamped during weekdays. Wasn’t it only yesterday when France won the World Cup and Cebu went crazy over Big Bad Wolf? July feels like ages ago. I am happy to note, however, that my usual home-office-home routine got a much needed break with an out-of-town trip right after my birthday! I purposely avoided spilling details on social media lest I jinxed it but spending the weekend with my college besties was exactly the distraction I needed.

We only have the World Cup to blame…

Weeks after the most prestigious football tournament ended, I realized I cannot live without those hot guys chasing ball for the next four years.😂 How to cure my fangirl tendencies? By tweaking our cable subscription a bit to make room for beIN Sports. So hello Premier League and La Liga for us these days. It’s better than just reading about the games online. Plus, I can finally gauge my favorite players’ abilities when they’re playing for clubs compared to national teams. My sister and I now root for our respective clubs.

… as football, and less K-dramas, take over our lives.

After Life on Mars ended, Mr. Sunshine remains the only K-drama we’ve been following religiously for weeks… and I’m close to dropping it. Or maybe I’ll just fast-forward through some scenes. Twenty-four episodes is too much of a stretch. For one, Lee Wan Ik’s arc bores me to death. He’s supposed to be the big bad of the story. The bromance is good and Kim Tae Ri is a revelation but there’s that nagging feeling the audience is being set-up for a tragic finale.

That said, I’m excited to blog about our very short but much-needed Davao vacay. Now if only I can squeeze in some time to sort through all the photos.😉

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