Book-ish: What Kind of Day

by Rose

Mina V. Esguerra’s latest book, What Kind of Day, holds the distinction of being the first e-book I pre-ordered since I started reading on my Kindle app. Ang saya pala! I think I’ll do this more often when budget permits.😉

What is it about?

When a senator’s (ex)speechwriter absentmindedly enters a tour van by mistake, he crosses paths with an ex-colleague who now makes a career out of something she’s passionate about. He, on the other hand, laments at the sudden turn of events which ended a promising career. Naya’s “See This Manila” tour becomes Ben’s refuge on the worst day of his life and they forge a connection that surprisingly lingers even after losing contact (a mutual decision) for several months.

While I’m not exactly sold on how fast their relationship developed in one day, I thought it was responsible of Ben and Naya to take some time apart (after a scorching night together) to re-evaluate their priorities in life. It was a grown-up thing to do. The issues they were dealing with? Mina hit the right notes without being preachy. The best part? This is a book about thirty-something characters!

Also important…

Chachic’s guest post from Mina on the real-life spots that inspired locations in the book is worth the read. As a reader this helps me visualize the flow of the story once I re-read it.

WKoD kicks off a new series (Six 32 Central) with a whole new set of characters to love. If you’ve read Mina’s Chic Manila books, you’d be amazed at her ability to weave a narrative that connects all of the books even if they were set at various points in the lives of each main character.

Now available on Amazon!

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