What I’m Watching #001

by Rose

While I’m very picky with Asian dramas to follow, having a teenager in the house meant adjusting our viewing habits to sample every series that catches her fancy. I have seven on-going shows on my list and frankly, it’s a challenge keeping up with new episodes each week. There’s a backlog somewhere but nothing a weekend binge-watch can’t fix.😉

Investigation Couple

Baek Beom is still weird and off-putting but his defenses are slowly being chipped off by Prosecutor Sol’s idealism. I like that she’s slowly earning his respect because it’s something she never got from her own parents. I hope they finally explore the backstory between Baek Beom and Kang Hyun because the latter’s hatred towards the former is not convincing at all. Minimal romance, procedural-based drama. This should have been an OCN series!

Miss Hammurabi

Oh Reum’s idealism frequently lands her in hot water with the presiding judge and his old school values. But it is also thanks to her meddlesome nature that her fellow judges are seeing both sides of the story before handing decisions on a case. I think I’m good even if they don’t develop a love line between her and Ba Reun. Just seeing them progress from strangers to colleagues to friends coupled with real-life implications of the cases they handle is already enough to sustain the narrative.

About Time

There’s something about Lee Sang Yoon that I find effective as a romantic lead. Do Ha carries a lot of baggage as a character but seeing him conflicted over Mika’s presence in his life is too cute to pass up. I’m still not sold on them as a couple but maybe they’ll grow on me in succeeding episodes.


Backlog #1. My advantage is that I’ve never seen the original series so I don’t spend each episode comparing how this differed from the source material. It did, however, affirm my belief that I was never meant for the law profession. Kang Seok is ruthless and Yeon Woo is too earnest. I’m still at the episode where Yeon Woo was blindsided at the mock trial and while I know the outcome (thanks, Dramabeans!) I can’t help but pity the poor dude when other associates gang up on him for being the newbie.

Wok of Love

Backlog #2. I’ve contemplated on dropping this but Jang Hyuk and food porn reels me back in. I am at the episode where Poong fired all but one of Chil Seong’s lackeys and I’m trying my best to be sympathetic towards his fall from grace. The love line leans more towards him and Sae Woo but Chil Seong’s good-hearted nature has viewers rooting for him to get the girl as well. Decisions, decisions.

The Undateables

Has Hwang Jung Eum always been this…shrieky?🤔 Because I loved her in Secret and I cannot, for the life of me, understand why she needs to overanimate herself when doing rom-coms. She does have good chemistry with Namgoong Min. I’m interested to see how their love line will develop when they keep running into each other in such unromantic circumstances.


It’s Rain vs. Lee Dong Gun!😍 Two episodes in and I’m getting a good grasp of the show’s premise. Dong Soo’s fiance is dead and Do Jin now works with another clairvoyant whose means in preventing crimes involve eliminating innocents who stand in their way. I’m actually curious about Tae Joon though. Could he possibly be connected to any of the main leads?

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