Spontaneous Weekends: West 35 and Buwakan ni Alejandra

by Rose

It’s funny how I live in Cebu yet I’m basically a stranger to tourist spots that have sprouted here in recent years. That makes me the worst person to ask for recommendations on what to visit if you happen to be in town. Luckily, I have friends who take up my slack in that area.

The initial plan for Chan’s visit over the weekend was the Cebu Safari and Adventure Park in Carmen. However, factoring in transportation and travel time issues, we decided to forego it in favor of West 35 and Buwakan ni Alejandra in Balamban. The latter proved to be a wise choice as we left the city around 9:30AM and came back around 3:30PM just in time to catch the #RoyalWedding coverage on TV.😂

While nothing beats the comfort of having your own transportation, a 40min V-hire trip isn’t such a bad idea. Have the driver drop you off the entrance of West 35 to jump-start your adventure.

The path leading to their zipline area.

Situated in the lush mountains of Balamban, this eco-mountain resort is perfect for quick getaways from the city. Guests frequent it for photo opportunities but the vast property also houses several villas (for those who want to stay overnight), camping grounds, children’s playground and a zipline among others.

Just a few meters away is Buwakan ni Alejandra, Balamban’s answer to Sirao Flower Garden, which boasts of a beautifully landscaped flower area perfect for photo shoots. We had lots of group shots here thanks to the kind attendant who offered to be our photographer. And he was good, definitely an asset to the place. He knew how to adjust the camera settings on Chan’s phone and directed us which spots to pose at.👍🏻

With a gloomy weather on the horizon, we took our chances and waited for a (semi-vacant) V-Hire to pass by the highway on our way home. Much love to the ates and kuya from the stalls in front of BnA for offering us shelter when it was drizzling while we waited.


By The Numbers:

West35 (Entrance Fee)P55
Adventure Cafe - LUNCHP300
Buwakan ni Alejandra (Entrance Fee)P55

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