Oh my, a month without updates!

by Rose

With the new royal baby and the latest Avengers installment, I barely had time to grasp what happened within the past four weeks. April started off bad but, to its credit, also had some happy memories in between. This month’s a vast improvement which I take as a sign that I’m regaining my blogging mojo in baby steps.

So before I’m overwhelmed by this PR nightmare of a royal wedding this weekend, here’s a rundown of important milestones that happened over the past month:

Getting out of a book slump.

Scandalized had been on my Kindle app for months. Never finished it the first time but I decided to pick up where I left off and got swept into the world of K-Pop brilliantly imagined by Tara Frejas. This feel-good read paces like a K-drama with conflicts resolved devoid of histrionics.

Old-school K-drama feels.

Good Witch reminds me of those old-school K-dramas with deliciously evil antagonists (a batshit crazy chaebol heir) and over the top plot twists (twin switch after one of them suffers a stroke). The narrative itself is a thinly veiled nod at the Korean Air scandal of its heirs. But hey, it was a joy to see Lee Da-hae play twins and was pleasantly surprised she had palpable chemistry with Ryu Soo-young.


Up until the day of the elections, I had no idea who were running for office in our barangay. No one bothered to campaign in our area to educate voters about their advocacies in case they win. I had to cram everything from the flyers that were handed to us on the way to the voting precinct. Thank goodness our room was not so crowded compared to others that had snaking queues.

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