The One With My Cousin’s Graduation.

by Rose

While April didn’t start off well in my books (we ended the day in an ER, no less), I am grateful for the time it has allowed me to spend with family. My cousin graduated from senior high school last Saturday and it was a much-needed break from my homebody routine during weekends. Our jam-packed afternoon began after dropping off food for my mom and aunt at the IEC Convention Center. We then dropped by Landers for something to eat before we trooped to the nearest mall while waiting for the ceremony to finish.

A six-hour event is just too much for one to sit through even with a 30-minute break so perhaps (bigger) schools/universities might want to schedule this by strand next year?🤔 For one, the snack area was a logistics nightmare not to mention the crowd control, on who gets to enter the hall once the program started, wasn’t even strictly implemented.

Knowing too well that no one can be bothered to prepare food at home, a dinner reservation we made at the 11th hour ultimately saved our tummies. My mom, who’s used to playing host, found the service a bit slow but I suppose it was expected given the occasion and the influx of customers on a weekend.

I was just too happy not to worry about who’ll be doing the dishes afterwards.😂

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diane April 16, 2018 - 1:31 PM

Sorry for the prolonged and disorganized graduation ceremonies. As you know, I work for a school and graduation tasks are not new for me. Paulit ulit every year, but yes, may bagong problems and aberya na nag-eemerge. Hindi talaga siya ma-perfect. 🙂 Although in our case, we really shorten the program and distribute the events / ceremonies on other dates. Medyo malaki siguro ang population ng school, so kaya medyo nagtagal. But with proper logistics and coordination, I guess maayos. We have several branches of Landers here, pero ni-isa wala pa ako napuntahan hahahahaha More than the grocery, mas interested ako sa food. I’m not sure if better or pareho sila ni S&R.Re: sneakers,, I saw Kim Tae Hee a few times wearing sneakers. Pero madalas si Yang Jin Sung at Shin Hye-sun ang nakikita ko. My wish is that the three will appear in one K drama. 🙂

Rose April 17, 2018 - 9:48 AM

re: Graduation Rites – feeling ko trial and error phase pa nila yun for senior high. Pero yun nga, sana may improvements na by next year. Ang gulo talaga eh. Nangangapa pa yung organizers.:) Super idol yung graduation ng school ninyo based on the pics you posted.. at open air pa yan ha. Sabay ba mass at ceremonies ninyo?

Speaking of K-dramas, may fina-follow ako ngayon. Hinihintay ko nalang if it’ll end well (they still have 3 weeks) before I recommend it to people. 🙂
diane April 17, 2018 - 11:39 AM

Yung sa IG, baccalaureate mass pa lang :p ma-hanash/ ma drama ang ganapan ng graduation dito ahahahah madami ganap ganapan before the actual graduation ceremonies. Uy anu yung K drama? hahahahaahaha My friend recommended Korean Odyssey. Nasimulan ko lang, kaso nakatulog ako sa byahe eh ahahaha At yung My Golden Life… d pa din ako maka-move on… D ko pa din tapos hahahaha

Richel V. April 17, 2018 - 1:30 AM

Ugh, dishes. I know what you mean. I love little get-togethers but it’s a love-hate relationship when it’s your family that’s hosting! It was my brother’s graduation just two weeks ago and we decided to use paper plates to avoid washing dishes all the time hahaha

Rose April 17, 2018 - 9:51 AM

Hah! Paper plates are a lifesaver! 😀 We like using it too lalo na after the holidays. The thing I hate about hosting get-togethers at home is that my mom goes all out with the preparations. Laging production number to the point that I’m too tired to entertain guests by the time they arrive. Hehe.


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