Those “Aling Vicky” moments are real, guys.

by Rose

I don’t know how or why that “Aling Vicky” video went viral but I can totally relate about having sabaw moments from time to time. Take for instance last week when I forgot to pack the leftover pasta I had for snacks; or when the reward I redeemed from Grab was not entered on my booking (hence, no discount).

My biggest scare was when I forgot my ATM PIN.😱 Yup, it happened. I spent three days agonizing about the combination and thankfully remembered it over the weekend saving me a trip to the bank to have my card changed. It’s equally amusing and frustrating but I suppose one can simply charge that to experience.

That said, please indulge me as I ramble about my March favorites in this post:


I have found a new procedural to love. Based off the 1975 series (which also inspired the 2003 film), the show follows the LAPD Metro S.W.A.T. team as they deal with issues in their community. This one’s a great follow-up for Shemar Moore after leaving Criminal Minds (he finally gets to lead his own team!) but I have to admit my heart’s with the character of Deacon Kay. Who knew Jay Harrington looks smexy as a silver fox?😍

Hacking Shakey’s Mojos

Thanks to PepperPH’s recipe, we finally had the chance to recreate an iconic staple of the Shakey’s menu. Everyone loves their mojos – I can consume a single serving by my lonesome – and with no Ferna or Mert’s Breading Mix in supermarkets we concurred our best bet was Tasty Boy. Mojos don’t taste the same when you use the spicy variant. They stand out with that garlicky flavor that reminds you of the real thing.👍

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diane March 29, 2018 - 11:23 PM

Aling Vicky moments are for real. :p I have my own share and ang mas nakakatawa is how I recover from the sabaw incident hahaha Lalo na when it involved being in front of other peopleHaven’t finished My Golden Life pa din… parang nawalan ako ng gana 🙁 It was way way different when I started watching it Mojos is love love love I don’t care if plain or spicy, basta madali ata talaga ako ma-attract sa anything na fried potato

Rose March 30, 2018 - 2:06 PM

Haha! My Golden Life’s ending was meehhh, actually. Up to the last minute, hard to get pa rin ang Ji-an. Half of the finale episode was spent on their “will they or won’t they?” ni Do-kyung. Although maganda naman yung wrap-up for the other characters.

re: Mojos – hayyy, I cannot stand anything spicy. Medyo low ang tolerance ko for it. Pero masarap talaga Mojos. Kahit yun nalang ulamin okay na ako. Haha!

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