Book-ish: Something Blue

by Rose

I wanted to revisit an old favorite so I thought of reading Emily Giffin’s Something Blue last week. My love for this book was part of the reasons why I never warmed up to the film adaptation of Something Borrowed. The latter was a disappointment. The editing was all over the place and whoever adapted its screenplay just assumed you had read the book to understand why the characters were acting that way. I can go on but it doesn’t change the fact that its dismal turnout at the box-office cost Something Blue’s chances on the big screen (uhhmmm Netflix, hi!).

What drew me to Something Blue was the curiosity on how Darcy Rhone would be redeemed after the first book. A flawed heroine like her would’ve been impossible to root for but it is to the author’s credit how she slowly eases the reader into the character’s improvements. After all, cheating on your fiancee with his best man (who turns out to be a loser) and subsequently getting pregnant with that guy’s baby isn’t something you’d easily recover from.

The book’s best part was probably shifting its setting to London halfway into the story. It took Darcy out of her comfort zone and brought Ethan back into her orbit. Theirs is probably one of my favorite fictional relationships. I love how he isn’t intimidated by her which allows him to take her to task for her impulsive decisions. Ethan’s influence allowed Darcy to re-evaluate her priorities in life. In fact, their relationship is best described by Lady Antebellum’s Just A Kiss which I’ve officially declared as their theme song since I read the book six years ago.😍

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Richel V. February 28, 2018 - 11:59 PM

I wanted to read this for so long! I remember looking for this everywhere (especially online haha) but I never got to have a copy for myself. Now I’m itching to try finding a copy again.


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