Flick Pick: This Is Not What I Expected

by Rose

It’s a tricky thing casting leads with a huge age-gap for a rom-com flick. You’d either be: a.) indifferent to their on-screen chemistry or b.) wondering how they managed to put a smile on your face while watching their scenes together.

One look at Zhou Dongyu’s Gu Sheng-nan and you’d think she was a high school student instead of a twenty-something chef. She’s talented and ambitious but it’s that flamboyantly fiesty attitude that lands her in the orbit of hotel acquisitions executive Lu Jin, an uptight perfectionist with a penchant for fine cuisine. Her culinary prowess wins him over and it’s this shared bond over gastronomic delights that ultimately thaws their (initially) combative relationship.

I was immediately on-board when my sister recommended this film because who can say no to food porn + Takeshi Kaneshiro?😍 You have to admit, the guy is still swoon-worthy at 44. Did it bother me that there was barely any skinship in this film? Surprisingly, no. The emotional connection formed between Jin and Sheng-nan was enough for me to remain hopeful about their future as a couple. I loved how they brought out the best of each other once they started getting along.

Over-all, the film is pretty straightforward with no complicated backstories involved (birth secrets, annoying third party, etc.). This makes it a highly candidate for possible adaptations by other countries (think Korea’s Miss Granny) which I honestly wouldn’t mind at all.

P.S. If they do this in Korea can we get Gong Yoo and Kim Go-eun, pretty please?😂

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