In retrospect: January 2018

by Rose

Contrary to what I expected, the new year failed to bring me out of this writing slump I’ve been in for months. It’s frustrating to be staring at a computer screen for hours and come up empty. So let me just provided a rundown of how my January went, shall we?

The Metro Ayala fire.

The fire that hit Metro Ayala caused our favorite mall to shutdown for almost two weeks. Needless to say, everyone was affected especially those who work nearby. I worked from home for three days since our main office had to be used by people who were displaced by the smoke from the new office. It re-opened, thankfully, just in time for Sinulog although Metro continues to remain sealed for construction repairs. If rumors are true, they’ll re-open to the public (hopefully) by March.

Denied… again!

I’ve come to accept that I will never get another credit card in this lifetime. Poor financial choices in my 20s left me in bad credit standing and it’s a stigma I cannot escape. Despite the odds, I apply because I’m hoping they’ll see I am now financially capable to afford the upkeep of one. But maybe it’s not meant to be. Oh well, then it’s work hard and save up for that dream Korea trip then.


It would’ve been my brother’s thirty-fifth birthday this year. While I know he’s happier now, my mother still tears up whenever she misses him. But enough of the sad things! Birthdays mean there’s always food at home. It was a simple Sunday lunch for us pero feel ko production number pa rin ang pagod ko. Haha!

I decided to order bam-i from Mr. & Mrs. Barbecue and it was a hit with everyone (the lumpia shanghai, not so much). How I wish we have a lot of suppliers for potluck/party food here in Cebu. It’ll definitely save people a lot of time in kitchen preps when planning a quick get-together.

A Korean Odyssey.

We finally caught up with the episodes of the latest Hong sisters’ drama, Hwayugi, which was surprisingly entertaining considering I’m not familiar with its source material (Journey to the West, a famous Chinese novel). It’s a campy adaptation equally made fascinating by a strong cast that even a casual viewer would be intrigued. Lee Seung-gi shines when he’s given Byronic-type characters (see: Brilliant Legacy, The King2Hearts) while Cha Seung-won’s a hoot when he’s trying to do comedy. For these two alone, you’d forget an episode runs at an average of one hour and 20 minutes.

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diane February 3, 2018 - 12:05 AM

Happy Birthday to your brother in heaven!!!

If I’m not mistaken,I already saw that buttery icing red velvet cake in your blog several times. I prefer butter icing than fondant. Since it’s a regular in your blog, I believe sobrang masaraaaap

Credit card: Try other banks. Ma-effort pero, malay mo. Not to induce ha, pero the few times I had the chance to travel abroad, mas matipid pala bumili using credit card. Hindi madaya ang palitan sa currency. Yun lang hassle din kasi forced to go for trusted and usually expensive stores.

Rose February 3, 2018 - 3:17 PM

Family favorite na yang red velvet… di kasi lunod sa cream cheese frosting compared to other stores that sell that kind here. I would’ve preferred cheesecake sana but maybe during my dad’s birthday nalang later this month.
Re: Credit Card – Hayyy, I tried applying at other banks too pero same pa rin. Laging rejected yung application even after I submit my COE, ITR and payslips. Actually, the only reason why I wanted one is para madaling mag-book if may seat sale. 🙁


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