New Year’s Eve 2017 at Casa Perez

by Rose

I have always wondered what it’s like to celebrate Media Noche without slaving at the kitchen the entire day. In our family, New Year’s Eve preparations mean braving last minute grocery trips and kitchen duties while my mom prepares a feast big enough to feed 20 people when there are only 14 of us sharing the food. It’s both exhilarating (you get a nice table spread for photo-ops afterwards) and exhausting (all I wanted to do by 9PM was crawl into bed and sleep) because we never seem to learn after all these years.

Next December will be better. I resolve to curate everything months prior so we can pick the cake of our choice and the menu we want (no more putok-batok, greasy dishes!).

But for now, allow me to share photos we took before and (mostly) after the clock struck midnight. I think the highlight of it all was that we finally managed to take a decent family photo after so many years. Yayyy for small victories!

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