My 2018 (Material) Wish List.

by Rose

I’ve been meaning to put up a wishlist since my birthday last year but it never materialized. Not that anyone would bother to give me something from my list anyway. I like to keep one as a sort of motivation. If I diligently saved up for something, I’ll be able to tick off an item as a reward. After all, nothing beats the satisfaction of paying for something with your hard-earned money.

Yumbox Tapas

I’ve been eyeing one for months now thanks to Mommy Fleur’s IG posts about #AnikasBaonToday. It’s a bit pricey compared to a normal lunchbox but I love how it’s leak-proof so you can pack wet foods like gravy or yogurt (not soup!) without spilling into other compartments. Just thinking about it makes me feel like a school-kid giddy for packed lunches.

Kindle Paperwhite

While I do have the app installed on my phone, my sister and I decided we should get a separate device that would fit our combined reading list.

Gorilla Pod

My biggest regret was not ordering one before New Year’s Eve when it would’ve come in handy in taking family photos. I’ll save up for either this or a tripod so we can finally take decent group shots when we travel.

Laptop Table

Working from home is inevitable with my current job description. While a work space would be nice, our room’s limited space had me thinking a laptop table would be a better investment.

My biggest goal though is to be able to save enough for a trip with my sister this year. I don’t care if it’s domestic or international as long as we can make new memories. Hence, I am claiming FOCUS as my word for the year to set these plans into motion.

Happy New Year, folks! Hope you had a blast celebrating it with your loved ones.

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diane January 2, 2018 - 1:03 AM

It’s good to have a material wish list or any wish list every year. I realized, this shapes the direction of my savings and investment. So yung mga unnecessary gastos aka luho on the side eh nababawasan. :p it reminds me, ano talaga yung gusto ko for the year.

My wish is sana may mag-regalo din sa ‘yo ng ibang items mo sa wish list. Best feeling ever kaya 🙂

And as for vacations, I don’t know if you’ll consider Manila sa a vacation place. Hahahaha But just in case mapadaan ka dito, send me a message. I would be glad to meet you and your sister.

Rose January 5, 2018 - 12:59 PM

RE: Wishlist – So true! I like having a set goal in mind para it’s more gratifying once I finally have the purchasing power for it. Good luck nalang this year kasi may TRAIN na. Sana affordable pa rin ang mga ito. Hehe!

I really, really wanna go to Manila one of these days para lang mag-food crawl. You know na how I always see these new food parks and restos sa IG or blogs. Bonus na if we can finally meet after all these years of being online friends. 🙂


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