TV Love: The Crown (Season 2)

by Rose

Potential scandals are never far behind when you’re married to The Crown and the drama’s sophomore season wasted no time by opening with what seemed to be a tiff between the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh. However, the Duke’s free-spirited ways were but a mere fraction of the monarch’s problems during the first decade of her reign. There was the uncle who palled around with Nazis, a tempestuous younger sister, prime ministers plagued by health issues when backed into a corner, the Suez Crisis which threatened British credibility as a world power, the Profumo affair and a frosty first meeting with a famous First Lady. Through it all, Elizabeth II maintained a steely composure to give the country and her family a much needed stability.

While I’m aware that some liberties have been taken from real-life events for cinematic adaptation, Peter Morgan continues to hold the audience’s interest with this in-depth character study of the British royal family. Prince Philip, for starters, gets a backstory this season and it provides a sympathetic light to the consort’s tough-love parenting style.

For what it’s worth, it’s a bummer we’re only getting Matthew Goode for a season. His flamboyantly vulnerable portrayal of Antony Armstrong-Jones has to be one of this season’s highlights. I love how he plays off the scene-stealing antics of Vanessa Kirby’s Princess Margaret (Peter Townsend, who?). They’re my favorite dysfunctional royal couple.😘

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