Unexpected hiatus and a photo dump.

by Rose

So I inadvertently crashed my blog for two weeks when I added a theme I thought was free. While I’m not the type who blogs regularly, it felt disconcerting to see an error message pop up when I entered my URL. I’m just thankful this all got sorted out once the holidays were over because part of me was already contemplating a switch to Blogspot.

Anyways, the hiatus allowed me to enjoy a surprise staycation at the Big Hotel with my sister. While the room wasn’t perfect (AC problems, faulty door lock), it was the best way to re-charge and prep ourselves up for a busy week ahead. November kickstarts our family’s busiest months all the way to February of the next year so we were beyond grateful for the opportunity offered by my friend Isa.

That said, I can’t believe we’re on the last two months of the year! While I’m not too thrilled about the holiday rush, I’m looking forward to my December project. First order of business once I have it will be to get a decent profile photo. For now, let me leave a photo dump from my phone’s camera roll.

Recommended by an office-mate, Loring’s Orange Crisps are fast becoming a favorite snack of mine. These cookies are highly addictive I can finish a box in one sitting!👍🏻 Visit them on Instagram: @lorings_ph

Got invited to a gender reveal breakfast for Emmeline’s third baby. While I had a hunch it was going to be boy, we were surprised upon slicing that she was having a baby girl!👶🏻

Since we were newbies to this whole unlimited chicken wings thingy, we opted to sample two flavors at 3pcs each per serving. Turns out we could’ve just ordered all flavors in one go.😉 Let’s just say we didn’t want to risk leftovers. We made it to three rounds before deciding we’ve had enough. Not bad for Saturday lunch, eh? We’ll be back soon, Burrow. And this time, we’ve got our unli-chicken wings strategy carefully planned out.

Rainbow cake from Treat Streat Cafe! My sister had been craving for some cake so we paid our favorite mall cafe a visit.

A little salo-salo to commemorate my brother’s 5th death anniversary.

Once upon a time, I was very much into Meteor Garden. Now there’s a remake scheduled for 2018… and ABS has bought its rights when they haven’t even started shooting yet!😂 (📷: @dramapotatoe from Twitter)

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Jhanz November 16, 2017 - 5:07 PM

Sounds like an eventful hiatus! And wooooow, yet another Meteor Garden remake. I have long given up on watching these remakes as I wanted to remember Dao Ming Xi the way that he was when I was young lol. I only watched the Japanese version (and loved it, still lol).

Happy November (and yes, time flies indeed!!!)

Rose November 16, 2017 - 9:20 PM

I loved the Japanese version too. But nothing beats the original Meteor Garden. Jerry Yan, FTW! 🙂 Hehe. I hope this new version can give the four guys equal exposure. It was the reason why I hated the K-drama version… too love triangle-centric.

Richel V. November 22, 2017 - 10:18 PM

Welcome back! Glad you got things sorted out. Seems like a busy few weeks for you! I haven’t been to any gender reveal party yet but I think it’ll be fun. Have to wait a few more years for that maybe! Haha.


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