My first #RCCookingClub Experience.

As a person with average kitchen skills, I’ve always been vocal that cooking is not my forte. I can, however, prepare ingredients with ease. So when the opportunity to join the office cooking club presented itself, I jumped at the chance to explore my untapped culinary potential. My mom’s training came in handy as I realized I’m not that useless in the kitchen after all.πŸ˜†

It took a while before we zeroed in on an actual date for the second activity (I missed the first one) with a re-schedule thrown in due to health reasons for some members. But it was fun! We learned how to make dumplings and had fish fillet w/ tausi as our second dish. Cooking with a group is a learning experience. Not only do you share best practices, you also get to bond over your output.

Thanks to Raffy for hosting us at the staff house!πŸ‘


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    Je's Anatomy
    October 5, 2017 at 6:19 PM

    Baligtad tayo. Cooking is my forte, but I’m so lazy to prepare the ingredients. I just cook, and my husband usually does the preps. :p

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