Kinain ng Sistema: Hangul and Chopsticks.

by Rose

As much as I hated how Ruler: Master of the Mask ended, my search for its OST on Apple Music kick-started my interest in learning the Korean alphabet. Hangul is a fascinating subject that I wondered why I never bothered with this many years before. Imagine my delight when I could finally read the characters on labels, store signs and even AsianWiki profiles of Korean celebrities.😉

I still have a lot to learn in terms of sentence construction but it’s fun familiarizing a few phrases from (free) online classes I’ve signed up for. There’s also this book we purchased many years ago that teaches you the basic pronunciation although nothing beats hearing it directly from a native speaker.

My re-discovered love for Korean culture motivated me to continue practicing how to use chopsticks. I’ve been learning the skill for years but I was never able to sustain it. Nowadays, I’m proud to say I have finally made some progress. I no longer fumble handling said utensils if we’re out for ramen or samgyeopsal.👍

All that’s really left is for me to visit the country itself and experience its culture firsthand. I’m crossing my fingers I can tick that off my bucket list by next year. If not, then I will continue to live vicariously through my K-dramas for the meantime.

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