K-Drama Love: Circle

by Rose

The dramas that premiered in May nearly had us up to our eyeballs in determining which ones to prioritize.😂 While Suspicious Partner and The Best Hit are giving me my necessary rom-com fix, Circle has emerged as a surprising favorite with its sci-fi/procedural thriller approach. The story offers a glimpse of a future where human emotions are controlled and memories are manipulated for a Utopian society. It’s an ethical dilemma that affects our core characters as they discover how 2037’s Human B system had its humble beginnings as a beta project back in 2017. In fact, its germinating phase may have started as early as 2007 when an “alien” appeared in the lives of Woo Jin and Beom Gyun.

So what makes it a drama worth checking out?🤔

It’s the perfect hybrid of all K-drama genres we’re familiar with. Not only does Circle deal with the staple family issues, it also throws in a little bit of romance and sci-fi with a procedural twist on the side.

The series also benefits from anchoring its main plot on a solid performance by Yeo Jin Goo. His flawed yet empathic portrayal of Woo Jin makes you root for his character’s survival in 2037. Plus, any actor who’s able to convey so much emotion from a photograph alone wins in my book.

I’m getting a kick out of the fact that every theory I raise gets debunked an episode or two after. The writing team sure knows how to keep viewers at the edge of their seats. They’re frankly doing a great job of keeping this at 12 episodes only (although I hear rumors it might end with 13❓) because the narrative stays cohesive.

It’s a joy to see my taste for K-dramas evolving. I no longer just gravitate towards rom-coms because we finally have writers and PDs who know how to make good sci-fi and procedurals. Crossing my fingers that the K-drama version of Criminal Minds this July is equally just as good.

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