Remembering the magic of Meteor Garden.

by Rose

News of the Meteor Garden remake and the show’s 16th anniversary had me thinking how little I know of Taiwanese entertainment these days. Heck, I might not even recognize whoever they’d cast for the 2018 version! The original had nothing but good memories for me. It kick-started my interest in Asian dramas and while there have been bumps along the way, I’ve been introduced to a lot of great stories ever since (mostly K-dramas, however). Torrents and streaming sites have made it easier for viewers to get their drama fix these days but who else remembers fan-subbed copies and DVD9s?

For someone who was barely out of college, the F4-era allowed me to indulge in my fangirl tendencies. While I never splurged on that insanely prized concert ticket, I do admit:

  • Spending a thousand bucks for VCD copies of Season 1 episodes, courtesy of a suki online who burned copies of fan-subbed Asian dramas.
  • Calling the local network to complain of the show’s schedule. We were one day behind in terms of episodes, no thanks to regional programming, so I raised my concern with the network (blindly calling a number on the directory — not even knowing which department it was) and even emailed a showbiz columnist about it. Perhaps a lot of viewers felt the same way because several weeks later, they changed it to a 5:30PM time slot.😂
  • Setting aside a portion of my allowance to buy F4’s Fantasy Forever album. Five hundred bucks was a big deal then so it was quite a sacrifice to part with it all because of a CD.
  • Pulling an all nighter to finish Season 2 episodes. It was a struggle to finish 31 episodes but we persevered and finished half overnight. Still, nothing beats the magic of Season 1.

All for the love of a show that started the Asian drama craze in the country. If there’s a show who can strongly anchor the return of Taiwanese dramas on Philippine TV, perhaps this reboot might be it. Here’s hoping they do right by the original material.👍 No tweaking for the sake of fan service, please!

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jackie uy June 8, 2017 - 2:22 PM

We had a KTV party for our colleague’s sendoff few weeks ago. I just had to sing the Meteor Garden themesong. My colleagues were so shocked I know the song by heart! 😀


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