Flick Pick: Beauty and the Beast (2017)

by Rose

It’s hard to top a much-loved classic. With the live-action remake of 1991’s Beauty and the Beast, Disney was wise to play into the nostalgia of its source material. They spared no expense in recreating scenes from the animated film, with a nod to the fairy tale’s French origins, and gave the OST a much-needed boost albeit it wasn’t without any criticisms (filed under: “TELL as old as time”).😂

How is it that Celine Dion does wonders for any song she interprets? Her haunting rendition of “How Does a Moment Last Forever” is easily my favorite track. Together with “Evermore”, both songs are on loop in my playlist these days.

The all-star cast themselves were a delight (Ewan McGregor’s French accent!). Luke Evans was born to play the effortlessly charming and boorish Gaston. Kevin Kline nearly had me bawling so early in the movie before I completely lost it during the ballroom scene. Emma Watson was even surprisingly likable as Belle. The chemistry between her and the Beast wasn’t as palpable as I expected but it played out well onscreen. I do not get the indifference towards Dan Stevens though. I loved how he voiced the Beast and thought he was the right fit for a noble blood from 18th century France. Were they expecting someone hunky who’ll sweep Belle off her feet?

Negative comments aside, fleshing out some of the characters’ backstories gave the movie something that sets it apart from the animated version. It’s a lovely tribute to my childhood years and I couldn’t be happier that Disney stayed true to a movie I knew by heart. We may know how the story ends but it’s the stuff peppered in between that makes it something to look forward to.

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