Book-ish: Keeping The Distance by Clarisse David

by Rose

You know you’ve been watching too many Korean dramas these days when you start visualizing the scenarios from the book you’ve been reading in a K-drama setting. Clarisse David’s Keeping The Distance had that certain effect on me and boy was it a joy to read! Set in charming Iloilo, it’s an adorable take on what it’s like to fall in love when all you had to worry about were grades and people’s expectations about your potential.

Lance Ordonez is your typical BMOC. He’s rich, handsome and extremely popular with everyone. So why is he unable to charm the socks off the principal’s daughter? Everyone’s baffled except Melissa Ortiz. She knows that keeping the distance from Lance is one way of staying in her father’s good graces. But their swoon-worthy banters are gold and pretty soon everyone’s feeling the chemistry between them.

I kept tweeting my reactions while reading the story because that’s how affected I was of the growing closeness between the leads. Clarisse vividly captures each scenario with her descriptions and witty dialogues. This is a fun, light read young adult story that comes highly recommended if you’re looking for works by local authors.


  • A romance set in Iloilo! We need more of this stuff.
  • An ending that’s open to a lot of possibilities for this young couple.
  • Am I the only one feeling the vibe between the best friend and the childhood crush? (I could be wrong though!)


  • Melissa must be really well-loved. No one gave her grief over that party walk-out and public confession over the PA system.


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