Milestones: January 2017

by Rose

I rarely draft resolutions at the start of the year because more often than not, I will forget about them by the fifth or 6th month. But I am quite pleased with how January went for me that I vow to follow through with some of the best practices I’ve started. I’m also including significant events that happened to cap off what has been a great start for my 2017.

Dear Diary

Chan’s belated Christmas present was a Starbucks planner and because I already had one, I decided to use it as a journal instead. It’s been a while since I last kept an offline outlet for my thoughts so this was a good habit to revisit. I’m actually finding it quite therapeutic. In fact, I used it to scribble my thoughts after watching the Goblin finale several weeks ago.

Accidental Fitness Routine

The unbearable Cebu traffic during the days leading up to Sinulog forced me to walk home from the office almost everyday. Fortunately, I am one of those who live nearby and “walking” only takes me more or less 15 minutes. But since I go home during rush hour, it has become more of a habit to walk instead of queuing for a cab these days. For someone with a sedentary lifestyle, I consider this my accidental fitness routine. And did I mention this has slashed my transportation expenses by 95%?🙌

The Gong Yoo magic

I cannot stress enough that I have never been a Gong Yoo fan prior to December last year. Coffee Prince was meh for me and Big (which nearly ruined the Hong sisters) was forgettable. Train to Busan’s out of the equation because I’m scared shitless of zombie movies. Goblin, however, managed to completely change my perception of the guy. He is effortlessly charming.😍 Never mind if he’s nearing ahjusshi stage, I would still jump him.😘 LOL! But really. All I want is for him and Kim Go Eun to have a reunion project after Goblin. I am willing to wait, as long as the material is right for both actors of their caliber.


Thanks to Amie who graciously invited us to their wedding reception, I finally had the chance to sample Radisson Cebu’s lunch buffet at Feria. The place was huge! Sadly, I have poor buffet strategy skills so I never made it to the dessert section. And they had a chocolate fountain! *sighs*

Potluck for #MissUniverse

Notwithstanding Maxine Medina’s less than favorable chances for a back to back win, our team pushed through with the potluck for our Miss Universe viewing party at the office last Monday. I’m no die-hard pageant fan but it was fun being with people who are so passionate about this kind of events. Imagine the tension on our faces when Miss Philippines was the last to be called for the Top 9.😂 Good thing the food somehow helped us cope with the results.

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jackie uy February 10, 2017 - 11:50 PM

Happy New Year, Rose! A friend also gave me a journal, aside from the planner that I got for myself. I have just started writing a journal entry, at na realize ko nakakapagod pala magsulat kaysa mag type hehe but it feels nice looking at the filled-up pages after. 🙂


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