Book-ish: The Future Chosen

by Rose

Being a fan of stories involving a political setting, The Future Chosen’s theme could not have been more perfect. Set in the fictional country of Isla, it chronicles the love story of Andres and Lourdes — two individuals who have been groomed by their respective families for public service. On paper, they are a match made in political heaven. But Isla’s election law, enacted before they were even born, throws a wrench into their happily ever after plans.

The author divides their story into three parts with each chronicling a certain phase of A&L’s relationship. Feelings aside, the book is more than just a romantic-political read and definitely not for the faint of heart. It’s an interesting case study of possible “WHAT IFs” once applied to the Philippine political landscape.

Imagine if the Mayo-Matias Free and Just Elections Law was for real? That would mean:

No two politicians shall come from the same family.

If the family already has one, the next eligible member will be the one born after said official’s death.

It’ll be a source of headache for established political families in the Philippines! 😂

The author brilliantly plays this sentiment into Andres’ motivation to specialize in election law. Does he want to find a loophole or does he want to pursue amendments that would allow him and Lourdes to be together?

Unpredictability is also thrown into the equation as we get to know more about the characters surrounding the couple. If one had a family like the Javenijks and the Riorosas, you would not be surprised why Andres and Lourdes gravitated towards each other. Hence my frustration when the ending left me with more questions than answers.

It was, however, a more realistic route for their predicament. A&L have been through a lot since they fell in love but coupled with their respective ambitions, it’s almost impossible to see them live happily ever unless they reach a compromise on the things they disagree on.

Now isn’t politics a scary, scary world to be in?

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Rea January 30, 2017 - 1:08 AM

Interesting! Well, politics is really a scary world to be in. At least for me! HAHA


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