Breezing through January

by Rose

How cute is this Dymo label on my USB?😀 I’ve always wanted to own a LabelWriter since forever but since it’s not a necessity, the thought keeps getting pushed back for more important stuff. I’d probably ask this as a birthday gift, noh?

I think this month is off to a good start for me. We’re on track with our savings for the 52-week challenge (my sister is keeping tabs!🙌) and I just learned how to make GIFs via Photoshop again. Haha! So now I’m creating GIFs like crazy for my favorite scenes from Goblin. Who knew this could be so much fun?😂 #newlearnedskill

Anyways, the busiest days of January for Cebu are finally behind me as Sinulog 2017 concluded over the weekend. We didn’t go out and preferred to be #TeamBahay instead. Surprisingly, stricter measures implemented by the local government failed to put a damper on the Cebuanos’ penchant for celebrating the city’s biggest yearly festival. Sure there were some mishaps (Paintensity) but it was, however, more orderly compared to the previous years if we are to believe first-hand accounts of people who took to the streets. #Nosignalweekend was less of a concern since we still had wi-fi at home. Now can traffic go back to normal as well?

Speaking of traffic, my new shift has done wonders for my transportation expenses lately. Since I live near the office, whenever traffic becomes impossible (no cabs, snaking queues at jeepney terminal), I always choose to walk home. This has allowed me to save almost 50% of what I usually set aside as my transpo budget. And just yesterday, because of the non-stop rain in the morning, I had to walk from home to the office to avoid being late. I get to squeeze in some fitness goals on top of this whole saving-up thingy. Haha!

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diane January 17, 2017 - 6:04 PM

Been wanting to see and experience Sinulog.. kelan kaya? hahaha

I’ve seen your photos with your sister and in your old blog, pati ata itsura ng room nyo. I don’t have a female sibling so its always a point of envy for me :p Still have to catch up with Goblin and Legend of the Blue Sea… medyo minsan lang pala… sakit sa tenga ng english ni ano.. alam mo na haahaha

Rose January 18, 2017 - 10:14 AM

Mag-book ka na for 2018! Haha. The only time I’ll go out during Sinulog is if I have guests from out of town. Last nangyari yun 2013 pa. 🙂

Showing na pala Yong Pal sa GMA noh? Ni hindi ko man lang namalayan. Catch up ka na sa Goblin. Matatapos na siya this week.

Anne January 19, 2017 - 10:08 PM

Yay to hitting two birds with one stone! I used to hate walking then but I told myself it saves me transpo expenses and is exercise in one. Haha. After moving to Manila, I’ve missed Sinulog twice now. I guess that makes me #TeamBahay too? I’m hoping all is well in Cebu. News about rain and flood are everywhere. | Bloglovin’ | Instagram

Rose January 20, 2017 - 10:15 AM

Hi Anne! Surprisingly the sun’s up today after almost two weeks of intermittent rains. Yayyy! 😀 The only time I go out during Sinulog is when I have friends from out of town. It’s fun but too energy draining. Hehe!

Still doing the walking at home routine. Hopefully I can continue this for a month… or more. 🙂

Rea January 30, 2017 - 1:12 AM

I’m also Team Bahay last Sinulog, which was a good thing because I was able to watch some movies. Weee!! The no-signal weekend was quite a pain (though not complaining) because I had to attend an event in SM a day before Sinulog. Ang ending, wala ko ka join sa event kay na move ang time earlier and they weren’t able to inform us. Haha, so I went home instead. LOL

Rose February 2, 2017 - 10:23 AM

I hate going out during Sinulog jud. Haha! #titaproblems But I always change my mind if I have friends from out-of-town.


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