Oh My November!

by Rose


Have you recovered from the surprises the month of November had sprung on the country and the whole world? I think I’ve ranted enough on Twitter so I’ll spare my blog the negative vibes. 😉 That said, I’m very excited to see what the last few weeks of the year have to offer. 2016 has been a year full of surprises. It has not been financially rewarding but I am thankfully getting by. One only needs to appreciate the good things happening around, no matter how trivial they may be.


And speaking of good vibes, it’s been a while since I’ve managed to finish a book much less continue something that’s part of a series so I am happy to note that I just started with Book 4 (A Chesapeake Shores Christmas) of Sherryl Woods’ Chesapeake Shores. The books are the source material for the TV show of the same name which recently concluded its first season on Hallmark. Fondly referred to as a light and heart-warming read, Woods presents her stories like a continuing narrative of a small-town community revolving around the O’Brien family and the people connected to their lives.

The first book, The Inn at Eagle Point, revolves around the eldest O’Brien daughter (Abby) and the circumstances which brought her back to Chesapeake Shores. The second one, Flowers on Main, focuses on another O’Brien sibling (Bree) who’s recently back in town and eager for a fresh start. My favorite of the lot (for now, at least) has to be Harbor Lights which tells the story of how the eldest O’Brien son (Kevin) found a second chance at love after a personal tragedy. While they’ve made several modifications to the story for its small screen adaptation, I kind of wished several parts from the books were retained for more drama.


I haven’t started with Gilmore Girls’ A Year In The Life and everyone’s been buzzing about it over the weekend. Real life just got too busy these days and I barely even have time to finish my TV series backlog! I’ll most probably get to it during the holiday season so that gives me something to look forward too aside from Hallmark movies. Hehe!

I finished The Crown though. And there’s my recent “recommend a foreign rom-com flick” for the month, Casese Quien Pueda. I haven’t even written anything about Nostros los Nobles and it was so much fun!


I went to Fully Booked earlier today and saw the 2017 planners on display. My gaaahhdd, I wanted to buy at least two!!! How is this possible? 😀 I know my finances aren’t exactly in tiptop shape these days but December just ropes you into feeling okay to splurge on things.

That said, it’s officially the last month of the year! Let’s make it count, people! 🙂

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