Planner Envy: Get to Work Book and Everything Is Possible

by Rose

It’s the season of planner shopping once again and while it’s tempting to jump into the “I collect stickers” bandwagon, I realized there are other creative planners more efficient and affordable than several coffee drinks combined.


The Get To Work Book is my ultimate planner dream. Although quite bulky (and expensive), you’d be inspired to take notes and plan your day because of its vertical weekly columns. It also contains sections large enough to fit a To Do list even on a jampacked day. Even better, it works well with acryllic stamps. Unfortunately, there’s no local seller for this. My manager, who uses the 2016 Work Book, had to order hers from abroad.


Which brings me to my current planner, the Everything Is Possible from BDJ. I started using one for 2016 and although I may have skipped several months, I’d prefer it in a heartbeat over the coffee shop planners. What I love about the EIP are its sections asking for your specific goals that year. If you feel like writing them down, you can always look back fondly 12 months later to see if you’ve made any improvements.

I’m no planner nerd but keeping one allowed me to better monitor my tasks and never miss out on an item from my To Do list. Not bad for efficiency, huh?

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Rea December 5, 2016 - 5:08 PM

You got a domain na, yey! I’m def a planner freak but not into collecting stickers. Just got the CBTL planner for the second time since I attended their launch. And I bought different types from BDJ, haha! Plus some more planners. Good thing the rest are not dated so I can still use them next, next year. 😉 I love the EIP too but didn’t get one this year since I want to try other planners too. Hehe


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