TV Love: The Crown

by Rose

Now here’s one series I thought I’d never finish in a week. But for someone who’s obsessed with anything about the British monarchy, I will lap up any drama about them especially if it’s from Peter Morgan and Netflix. If you’re curious, the first season of The Crown covers the early years of Queen Elizabeth II’s ascension to the throne and it has managed to make me cry, laugh and appreciate the fact that I was born a commoner.

Claire Foy’s a revelation in the title role. She nails everything about Queen’s mannerisms including the accent and her relationship with her husband provides an interesting narrative given their diverse interests. Jared Harris, on the other hand, deserves a special commendation as George VI. His brief but poignant portrayal of the Queen’s father and predecessor was to blame for my tears in Episode 2.

Peter Morgan’s take on the royal family successfully portrays them as human beings who are more often ruled by their emotions and their struggles to appear perfect on the outside because it’s what the public perceives them to be.


  • An excellent supporting cast who all brought their A-game into their characters.
  • A humanized approach in depicting the royal family.
  • Netflix spared no expense in recreating monumental events during the Queen’s early years on the throne.


  • Only 10 episodes per season? I need more!

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