Flick Pick: A la Mala

by Rose

My sister has this knack for discovering movies I’ve never even heard of. It’s a good thing she has taste because majority of them turn out to be enjoyable. One such movie she recommended recently was the Mexican romantic-comedy A la Mala.

Released in 2015, it tells the story of a young woman who accidentally made a lucrative career out of testing a guy’s fidelity towards his partner. The catch? She never falls in love with them. It was through word-of-mouth that Maria Laura’s (a.k.a. Mala) talent reached the ears of her producer who then offered her a contract in exchange for seducing her producer’s ex-boyfriend and dumping him afterwards. What starts out as a business-only relationship for her turns complicated when finds herself falling in love with her target.


Aside from a great OST (check out the group Motel on Youtube!), the movie works because of the sizzling chemistry between its lead stars. Aislinn Derbez and Mauricio Ochmann look so good together onscreen you’d find yourself smiling as their characters dance around their feelings for each other. They must have felt the spark as well because they are now a couple in real-life. IKR? Too much pretty!

So if you’re up for a break from the usual Hollywood stuff, you might want to give this movie a chance. It’s full of fluff in a good way.

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