Major 80’s feels.

by Rose

When we ran out of TV shows to binge-watch last year, us lot decided on some major throwback and downloaded movies from the 80’s. Oh we had so much fun nitpicking what we loved and disliked about each movie we finished! To wit, these are what we’ve seen so far: Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, Some Kind of Wonderful, Can’t Buy Me Love, Say Anything, Mannequin and Vision Quest — all feel good movies that had me thinking how fun it must’ve been to be a teenager during those years. But nah, I still love my generation. Haha!

Some funny realizations on my end:



I discovered Jake Ryan three decades too late! I used to think Eric Stoltz was the most handsome John Hughes leading man ever. But lo and behold, Michael Schoeffling changed all that when I saw him in Sixteen Candles. If a guy that perfect existed during my high school years and I had the slightest interaction with him… I’d probably faint! Sadly, Schoeffling has since retired from Hollywood and has gone un-photographed for almost 25 years. To quote one article on the web — we never really saw Jake Ryan get old.



Those Andrew McCarthy dimples are to-die for! He ranks second to Schoeffling in my list of dream guys from the 80’s and I just wanted to hug him while watching St. Elmo’s Fire. Heck, he even made Mannequin tolerable for me despite its campy storyline!

You never really needed a make-over to snag the hottest guy in school. Molly Ringwald’s characters may have been a geek by today’s standards but her winning personality attracted the attention of guys she fancied. How’s that for unexplained charm, huh?

No one was necessarily pure evil during those days. Just people with misguided affections. And the cheerleader who suddenly changes her attitude overnight and falls for the geek? Yeah… only in John Hughes’ films.

So what’s on your list of favorite 80’s movies?

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