The Weekend That Was #Fab5minus1PagodaSunday.

by Rose

The last day of my weekend with friends that June weekend was supposed to have been spent canyoneering down south. I begged off at the last minute, not that I’m a wuss or anything. But fate had other plans as the provincial government issued a suspension order for all canyoneering activities covering the date they were supposed to be there. So itinerary was revised stat. What nearby destinations could possibly combine our love for food, photo opportunities and endless chats without breaking the bank?

First Stop: Plantation Bay’s Streetfood Buffet



Kilimanjaro Restaurant’s buffet spread that noon reminded me of those Sunday lunches you’d have with family in the province. There was pork barbecue, grilled squid, kinilaw, roasted chicken and shrimp okoy among others. A halo-halo station was also set-up as well as a dessert section featuring minatamis na saging at kamote, masi and pichi2x. The downside? Drinks aren’t included in the hefty P750/pax cost of the buffet. But I suppose you’re also paying for the ambiance, huh?

The next half hour (after an almost two hour lunch) was spent taking photos all over the resort. Times like these I wish my DSLR was still in working condition. Nothing beats high-res photos when you’re in a picture perfect location.

Second Stop: Temple of Leah





Remember those Expectation vs. Reality features on tourist destinations? Temple of Leah fits the bill for it on weekends. With the number of people taking photos from every corner of the property, consider yourselves lucky if you can find a decent angle for a group shot.

Third Stop: Sirao Flower Farm



It was almost 5PM when we reached Sirao Flower Farm. Not much flowers were in bloom during our visit but it didn’t stop us from taking photos of the place. The caretaker said their peak season is around August – October which explains the influx of visitors during that period last year.

Last Stop: Everything Yummy


It was only right to cap the day off with another gustatory experience as the group trooped to Everything Yummy for their highly-recommended grilled porkchop. Needless to say, we were in a food comma afterwards as the size of the porkchop alone is enough to satisfy your hunger even without the rice.

It may not have been the Sunday we originally planned for but I enjoyed the experience mainly because I was in the company of friends. From time to time, it’s always nice to catch up with people from your past because they keep you grounded in reality. Until the next adventure, ladies and gentlemen!


BY THE NUMBERS (as of June 2016):
Plantation Bay Lunch Buffet – P750/pax
Temple of Leah (Entrance Fee) – P50/pax
Sirao Flower Farm (Entrance Fee) – P30/pax
Everything Yummy (porkchop + iced tea) – P390/pax

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Jacqueline Uy October 21, 2016 - 5:20 PM

Wow what a full-packed weekend 🙂 It's my first time to hear about Temple of Leah in Cebu. Is it a tourist attraction? or built for religious purposes? Happy weekend in Rose! 🙂

Rose October 26, 2016 - 9:12 PM

Hi Jackie! Yup, Temple of Leah's a new tourist attraction in Cebu. It's very popular for photo ops kasi parang kang nasa Greece because of the structure. Not meant for religious purposes though. Purely a testament of love by the owner to his late wife.


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