The past few weeks in a nutshell.

by Rose

How is it that we’re in mid-October already? September flew by so quickly I barely even noticed the month had already ended. The plus side? My TV shows are back! We’re juggling fifteen shows at most each week so there’s always something to look forward to after work.

Last month marked the first time I was able to join a Creatives team dinner which doubled as despedida party for the team’s art director who was migrating to Canada. Now that I’m older, I am getting better at handling office goodbyes.


I’ve also reconnected with my grade school friends and we caught up over dinner one weekend. With conflicting work schedules like ours, it was a miracle we actually agreed on a date where everyone was available. It made me realize I am too old for late nights these days. Seriously, my eyes drop when it’s half-past midnight.


My biggest discovery, however, is this glorious breakfast food called Chorizo Bungkag (or Chorizong Hubad). Our neighbor gave us a pack for breakfast and it has set the bar so high in terms of any chorizo/longganisa I’ll be having in the future. Friends who are visiting Dumaguete (or Bacolod), you now know what to get me for pasalubong.


Lastly, how rewarding is it to finally finish a book after what seems like forever? I started reading The Inn at Eagle Point shortly after Chesapeake Shores premiered primarily because I wanted to spot the changes they did for the adaptation. Boy, it was a lot! I’ll have a detailed review posted for it separately but if you must know, the book is very endearing in a Korean weekly drama-like kind of way. Now I’m on the second book, Flowers on Main, and it’s playing out like a typical Hallmark movie. My goal is to eventually finish all of the Chesapeake Shores novels by Sherryl Woods before the year ends. Achievable? Hmmm, we’ll see.

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Jacqueline Uy October 14, 2016 - 11:43 PM

I saw your instagram post on chorizo bungkag. Looks really perfect with garlic rice and coffee. Grabe naglalaway na ako. I have not opened my Kindle for 3 months, I need to start reading again, or be inspired to read again 🙂 2 more weeks and November na! Have a great rest of the month 🙂

Rose October 15, 2016 - 11:16 PM

I read through my phone nga lang eh and it has very limited memory so there are only a few ebooks there. Hopefully matapos ko rin 'tong Flowers on Main.

Re: Chorizo Bungkag – I am so sad that it's not being sold here. One of these days try kong gumawa ng homemade chorizo just to see if it's any better. 🙂


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