Current Faves: Stranger Things, Chesapeake Shores, Victoria.

by Rose

Stranger Things

I am so glad my sister talked me into watching Stranger Things. At first I was iffy because most of the cast were unknowns, save for Winona Ryder and Matthew Modine, but the fact that they looked like normal people who lived during the 80’s contributed to the authentic feel of the series.

The show reminds me so much of our life back in Forest Drive and how it was like to grow up before the age of the internet. Don’t you just miss those days when all you wanted to do was hang-out with friends playing your favorite boardgame? Or those moments when you explored the neighborhood creating your own little adventure? I’m thankful to have experienced all that growing up because it made my childhood awesome.

Chesapeake Shores


You wouldn’t believe how many Hallmark movies we’ve devoured since the Fall TV shows went on summer hiatus. To be fair, they can provide inspiration for possible plots in case you’re thinking of writing some romance novel. Thanks to these movies, we came across Chesapeake Shores. Hallmark’s newest original series is based off a series of books by Sherryl Woods about the O’Brien family and the idyllic town they call home.

I’m currently reading the book and they’ve made quite a lot of changes in adapting it for the small-screen. But it’s all good because they’ve managed to keep the theme of family looking out for each other in the TV series. Also,  I’m not a Jesse Metcalfe fan but he does have a way of making his TV characters win you over.




Our newest Monday addiction (aside from Chesapeake Shores) is a limited series based on the life of Britain’s longest serving monarch prior to Elizabeth II. ITV’s Victoria covers the queen’s younger years, from her ascension to the throne at 18 to her marriage and subsequent family life with Prince Albert who also happens to be her first cousin. Of course, to further dramatize the events in that era, they just had to throw in a love triangle between the Coburg prince, the Queen and her trusted Prime Minister.

Jenna Coleman is slaying it as Victoria but I am more excited to see how Tom Hughes will fare as Prince Albert. That brief scene he had in Episode 3 already spoke volumes and he only had single dialogue!

If anything, this series has renewed our interest in Queen Victoria’s extended family that we have resorted to watching documentaries while waiting for the new episode each week.

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Rea Alducente September 25, 2016 - 10:44 PM

I'm itching to watch Stranger Things. But I don't want to hamper my productivity just yet. Knowing myself, when I start watching a series, I won't leave my bed anymore during the weekends. Plus I stay up so late even when I have work to do, just like what happened when I decided to rewatch Gossip Girl for the nth time. HAHA

Rose October 14, 2016 - 10:24 PM

Stranger Things is easier to binge-watch since it's only 8 episodes. I think you'll be done with it in one day. Hehe!


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