Unexpected hiatus and a photo dump.

So I inadvertently crashed my blog for two weeks when I added a theme I thought was free. While I’m not the type who blogs regularly, it felt disconcerting to see an error message pop up when I entered my URL. I’m just thankful this all got sorted out once the holidays were over because part of me was already contemplating a switch to Blogspot.

Anyways, the hiatus allowed me to enjoy a surprise staycation at the Big Hotel with my sister. While the room wasn’t perfect (AC problems, faulty door lock), it was the best way to re-charge and prep ourselves up for a busy week ahead. November kickstarts our family’s busiest months all the way to February of the next year so we were beyond grateful for the opportunity offered by my friend Isa.

That said, I can’t believe we’re on the last two months of the year! While I’m not too thrilled about the holiday rush, I’m looking forward to my December project. First order of business once I have it will be to get a decent profile photo. For now, let me leave a photo dump from my phone’s camera roll.

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Book-ish: Making It Complicated by Clarisse David

If Keeping The Distance reminded me of a K-drama, it was hard to pinpoint how I felt while reading Making It Complicated. Deep inside I was thrilled because my favorite boy, Hunter Alvarez, was finally getting his own story. But I wasnโ€™t prepared for the emotions when I realized this wasnโ€™t the Cam I knew in KTD. Gone was the vivacious kid who gave well-meaning advices to her bestfriend. This was a girl scarred by her own family issues.

I thought it was brave of the author to make the MC someone with a lot of emotional baggage. Cam was flawed and annoyingly real. While her angst had me frustrated at some point, I came to understand where she was coming from.

Hunter, on the other hand, was nothing but a sweetheart. I knew there was a reason why I liked the boy ever since he appeared in Keeping The Distance. The introduction of his band-mates was a welcome addition to the I Love Iloilo universe. Collectively known as The Integers, each had their own quirks so endearing you’d love to be friends with them in real life.

Clarisse remains to be one of the very few people who writes great banter between her characters and Making It Complicated stays true to her own brand of storytelling.


  • The author never forgot Cam’s hobby! Photography was one of the things I loved about her in Keeping The Distance and I’m glad it played a role towards her emotional healing in this book.


  • I was underwhelmed with how things were left between Cam and her mom. But I suppose that’s real life. I never expected instant forgiveness after that incident nearly turned her into an emotional wreck for the entire summer.


Foodie Kinain ng Sistema

Kinain ng Sistema: Things you pick up from Three Meals a Day.

I have a low EQ when it comes to food. Offer me a dish I fancy and I’d be planning ways (a.k.a. me convincing my sister) on how to recreate it at home. It’s a hobby both fulfilling and expensive much to my mom’s consternation. To her credit, she’s slowly learning to go along with our kitchen experiments.

Our cravings are usually fueled by cooking shows we watch and these days, there’s nothing but Three Meals a Day to blame for that. What started as a curious watch for anything Shinhwa-related (Eric Mun has been a cast member since Season 6) slowly turned into an appreciation for Korean food made easy. On the show, celebrity cast-members spend three days in a rural or fishing village living like locals and preparing three meals a day with whatever food supply they’ve managed to gather with their budget. Eric whips up meals like a pro you’d find yourself wishing you were a guest on the show instead. To wit, these are some of what we’ve picked up from 3MAD:


A curious mix of tteokboki and ramen, this dish is a meal in itself and can be paired with rice if you’re super hungry. I especially love it with lots of cheese because it makes the spicy sauce creamy. I have yet to take a decent photo of one we made at home so this one’s from Da Bang Cafe in downtown Cebu.

Coffee ice cubes with fresh milk

A refreshing drink you can prepare for breakfast. I had mine made from Kopiko brown coffee and it was delicious!

Potato Sujebi

I never had the chance to document this attempt but my sister was more determined to get this done since it looked so easy when Seolhyun and the guys were doing it on 3MAD. Who knew dough kneading was tricky?๐Ÿ˜‚

Soup stock

While nothing beats the flavor of real anchovies, dried kelp and Dashida anchovy powder elevates the taste of your broth to a whole new level.

Artisan breads

Aside from being reminded of the comforting aroma of freshly-baked goodies, Seo-jin’s baking experiments in Season 7 left me with a renewed appreciation for BreadTalk and Kate’s where every product tells a story of its baker’s creativity.

Then there’s kimchi fried rice and tonkatsu which they’ve featured recently and looks so good for office baon. Now who wants to buy me a Yumbox?๐Ÿ˜‰ย Kidding! I’m actually saving up for one.


Cover Reveal: Making It Complicated

I have no excuses. It totally slipped my mind that I had signed up for a cover reveal of Clarisse David’s upcoming book, Making It Complicated. But better late than never, right?๐Ÿ˜‰ย I am especially excited for this book because after reading Keeping The Distance, I already had a fan-cast Hunter in my mind and I’m thrilled he finally gets his own story. Yayyy for this drummer LI!๐Ÿ˜

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Kinain ng Sistema TV Love

K-Drama Love: Reunited Worlds

One of the recently concluded dramas I followed this year revolves around the premise of forgiveness and living your life to fullest. A far-cry from the technical jargon of Circle, Reunited Worlds deal with normal people whose lives changed because of an accidental death twelve years ago. What’s even more baffling is said dead person returns one sunny day looking very much like his nineteen year old self.

Yeo Jin-goo plays the aformentioned character, a student named Sung Hae-sung, whose death left behind four younger siblings now estranged and living their own lives. His high school friends have become professionals and it is through their help that Hae-sung navigates this temporary lease on life to correct mistakes from the past.

I initially expected tear-jerking episodes from start to finish but the writer was able to navigate equal parts of drama, comedy, romance and a bit of murder-mystery to keep the plot interesting. Can someone cast Yeo Jin-goo in a rom-com next time? Poor guy must’ve exhausted his tear ducts with his last two series.๐Ÿ˜‚


  • I am a big fan of dramas with a strong friendship core and Reunited Worlds gave me that with Hae-sung, Jung-won, Ho-bang, Jin-joo, Tae-hoon and Moon-shik.
  • Who knew a love line would develop between Ho-bang and Jin-joo? They were always a hoot together.
  • Seeing the siblings slowly patch things up was cathartic. I thought Young-jun would never come around but thankfully he stepped up at the right moment.
  • I cannot stress enough how music is oftentimes the saving grace of a series so I’m happy the show’s OST delivered songs worthy of a constant loop on my playlist.
  • YEO. JIN. GOO. ‘Nuff said.


  • No one really made a big fuss about Hae-sung’s return save for Ho-bang, Hae-chul and Jung-won. If a loved who died suddenly came back, I would be asking all sorts of questions. Hah!
  • Moon-shik was terribly underused. He maybe tactless but he was a great sounding board for his friends.
  • For all that he’s done, I thought Chairman Cha got off way too easy. Asking for Hae-sung’s forgiveness won’t solve the years he lost because of the accident.
  • And really, no interactions between Min-joon and Tae-hoon after the revelation that they are brothers? I would’ve appreciated an extra scene or two showing them bonding rather than have Hae-sung and Min-joon talk about it. Pfft!

Moon-shik is sooo me though. Haha!

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